When is it okay for my daughter to start shaving?

Real Mom Problem

“When did you, or will you, teach your daughter to shave her legs? Mine is too young, in my opinion, but I am getting curious because she has quite a bit of hair growing already.”

by SLOmommy SLOmommy

Quick Tips

  • 1. Most moms let their daughters start shaving between ages eight and 13
  • 2. Consider her age, the amount of hair she has, and her feelings of self-consciousness
  • 3. Show her the correct way to do it and remind her that she'll have to keep it up once she starts

Real Mom Solutions

Your daughter's growing leg and armpit hair may be starting to make her self-conscious. Is it time for her to start shaving? See what these moms had to say and then make the decision that's right for you and your daughter.

  • jac77

    My daughter is quite hairy and really didn't have much of a desire to start shaving. But at 11, I told her it was time. I love that she doesn't want to grow up, but it was starting to become 'ew.'

  • iceprincess214

    I think it depends on the reason for shaving and the area. My now 12-year-old had armpit hair when she was 10, and it needed to be shaved by the time she was 11. I made her wait until she was almost 12 to shave her legs. She was in middle school. Any earlier than that, it shouldn't really matter to anyone. That's just my opinion.

  • RayneofTerror

    My daughter was 10 when she started shaving. I got her the Schick Intuition. I ran it up her leg for her a couple of times to show her it didn't hurt and then she took over.

  • catngabsmom

    My youngest daughter asked to start shaving at seven-and-a-half, but she is a hairy little Italian! Lots of hair, but fair skin. She felt self conscious about it, so I helped her the first few times. My oldest daughter is three weeks shy of 11 and I basically cornered her in the shower and convinced her it was time! Her armpits were starting to resemble a man's hairy pits, the hair on her legs either needed to be shaved or braided, and believe it or not, we had to do a little touch-up in the crotch/inner-thigh area because it was starting to hang out of her bathing suit! So, my answer is: it's okay for girls to start shaving when they ask, are self-conscious, and you think they are able to do so safely. Present the options: shave, wax, or Nair, and let her decide.

  • nebcutie

    My daughter is almost 12 and has not shaved yet. She has very light hair and really does not care. I do think I will be getting her an electric razor soon.

  • bookluvnMomma

    My daughter is almost nine and she's been asking to start shaving for forever. Then she shaved her legs without us knowing. I didn't get mad at her because she said people were making fun of her because she had hairy legs. I told her she would have to continue to shave all the time now. She was not happy about that. I don't think there is a set age to start shaving. Once they feel uncomfortable about it and are being made fun of about it, then that is time to shave.

  • fineyouguyswin

    For my daughter, as soon as the hair bothers her, she will be allowed to shave.

  • Lorelai_Nicole

    My girls started shaving at eight years old. I think it's cruel to make a child keep something that makes them self-conscious, even if it's just leg hair.

  • justme782

    My daughter will be 13 this year. She has already had her period and shaves, and I have even introduced her to tampons because she is very active and loves sports and the water. My baby is a baby no more.

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