When should my son start shaving?

Real Mom Problem

“My son is 11, but is getting a significant "dirty patch" on his upper lip! When should he start shaving? He doesn't have any other facial hair yet, but the mustache is getting big! My husband says let it go till it gets too scruffy!”

by hriabywx4 hriabywx4

Quick Tips

  • 1. Consider his age, the amount of hair he has, and how self-conscious he is about it
  • 2. Remember that all boys mature at different rates
  • 3. Show him, or have your husband or a barber show him, the correct way to shave and to care for a razor

Real Mom Solutions

You know your son is not a little boy anymore when he starts shaving. Is there a "right" time for him to begin? See what these moms had to say about their sons' first shaves, then decide what's best for you and your young man.

Decide Based on Need, Not Age

  • Wyldbutterfly

    For me shaving is not an age-specific issue. All children grow and mature at different ages. It would depend on his facial hair and if he wanted to shave or not

  • SuperLooneyMom

    I say let it grow. My oldest son is 12 and has had a "dirty patch" of facial hair since age 10. I think that is all it will be for another year or so. Let the hair run its course.

  • mommyredrose23

    I wouldn't base shaving off of age; I'd base it off of need. If my son needs to shave, he can shave. As of yet, he doesn't need to (he's 11). When the time comes, my husband will teach him.

  • RayneofTerror

    My son will shave when facial hair shows up. We deal with hair as it shows up.

  • mumsy2three

    I have two sons and neither has facial hair yet, but when they do and want to shave it off, they will be shown how to do it. That will be up to my hubby to teach them.

  • momx7

    With my boys, we let them shave when they start feeling like they need to (as long as there is actually hair there! LOL). My 14-year-old just started shaving his upper lip because he didn't like how it felt or looked. No other hair to worry about yet.

  • Chttrbx31

    My older son (almost 15 now) started shaving at 12 and probably could have started earlier! My youngest is 11 and probably won't shave for awhile still (he's blonde, though, and my oldest has dark hair). There are big differences among kids at this age! Remind your son to keep the razor clean and change the blade (or razor) once in a while or it will irritate his skin.

Let Him Decide When to Shave

  • Wyldbutterfly

    I think you should let your son's facial hair go and let him decide what he wants to do with it. If it starts to look really scruffy, then suggest he shave it. In any case I would buy him a new razor with refills along with shaving cream.

  • PinkLight

    My son had a "dirty patch" of facial hair at age 10 and he just started shaving on his own. Since he was the only boy in his class with one, he was self-conscious. He's 12 now and I'm starting to see the beginnings of facial hair.

  • momto3infl

    My son only had peach fuzz on his upper lip but saw dad shaving and wanted to get rid of the fuzz. Dad asked if he could help him since he wanted to shave. I thought it was cute, so I said sure. He is only 10 years old.

  • clthomas63

    My son will be 13 next month and has been shaving for almost a year. He started getting a dark moustache last year and at first it was "tight!" I told him when it started to bother him, let me know and I'd get him a nice electric razor. He asked for one about three months later and has been shaving since. He does have to shave about every other day or there will be re-growth. He matured much faster than other boys his age. His voice changed, he has an Adam's apple and he's 5' 8 1/2" tall and wears a men's size 12 shoe.

  • roseann519

    My son is 12 and we have been going back and forth about shaving for a while. I did not want to rush the issue and kept telling him to wait until he was 13. I am going to go get him a razor and let him do his thing.

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