When should my tween start wearing deodorant?

Real Mom Problem

“At what age did your daughter or son start wearing deodorant/antiperspirant? My eight- year-old daughter asked me yesterday if she can start wearing it. I personally don't think she needs it.”

by M4LG5 M4LG5

Quick Tips

  • 1. Remember that all kids grow and develop differently, but it's never too early to instill good hygiene habits
  • 2. Many moms let their kids try out deodorant before they really need it, in order to get them in the habit of putting it on
  • 3. Talk to your tweens about keeping themselves clean and presentable
  • 4. Take care of yourself and be an example of good personal hygiene for your kids

Real Mom Solutions

The moms of CafeMom agree that there's no "right" age for tweens to start wearing deodorant. Read about their experiences and then decide what's right for you and your tween.

Find Out When & How These Kids Started

  • steelcrazy

    In my opinion, there isn't a correct age for starting to wear deodorant, as every child develops differently. My pediatrician advised us to start having the boys wear deodorant when we could smell them from a foot or two away. Both boys began really smelling around eight years old.

  • mommyto3bees

    My daughter is nine and has been using deodorant since last year. She has Degree Girl. It's a black and pink sparkly container.

  • kmrtigger

    We started the older two boys last year on Arm & Hammer Deodorant. They were eight and nine years old at the time, and they had noticeable body odor.

  • vermontmoms

    My boys are eight-and-a-half years old and have been using deodorant for the past few months. I would get an aluminum-free deodorant. My boys have Tom's deodorant.

  • psych_mom

    My oldest started wearing deodorant at 10 years old. He uses the Irish Spring kind.

Get Them Used to the Routine

  • styler7

    My kids started wearing deodorant when they were around nine years old. They didn't need it but it helped get them in the routine for when they did.

  • TheresaC7

    My daughter is 12 and has been using deodorant for a few years. She doesn't really smell, but she just likes to use it. My son is 13 and he has been smelly for quite some time! He has antiperspirant, but is just one of those dirty kids! I am on his case ALL the time about it.

  • Zamaria

    My son started using deodorant (not antiperspirant) at around seven or eight. I didn't give him antiperspirant until he started having body odor. I would suggest that you try letting your daughter use Dove, or something like that, that's extra gentle, to start with. In my opinion, it's part of good personal hygiene and a good idea to get them in the habit early.

Start When They Are Very Active

  • nebcutie

    My daughter started wearing deodorant at eight years old on days she was active, and at about nine she started wearing it every day.

  • Tinkerbellmama

    My son is nine and has worn deodorant for over a year, especially when he's going to be super active. He gets some man-stink going on! My oldest daughter is 11, almost 12, and she just started wearing deodorant.

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