When should I expect my daughter to get her period?

Real Mom Problem

“Does anyone know how early periods can start? My oldest daughter is nine and I swear her moods once a month mean that she is getting close.”

by charle3 charle3

Quick Tips

  • 1. Remember that all kids mature at different rates
  • 2. Girls can get their first period (menarche) as young as eight, while some don't start menstruating till 15
  • 3. Be sure your daughter is educated about menstruation so she's prepared
  • 4. Let your daughter know she can come to you with concerns about her body or development
  • 5. Talk to your daughter's doctor if you have any concerns

Real Mom Solutions

All kids mature at different paces, but most girls will start their period around 12 or 13. See what these moms said about when their daughters started their periods.

Most Girls Start Around 11-13

  • WildCat73

    My daughter started her period when she was not quite 11. Time does fly! And now my other daughter, age nine, is starting to show signs of puberty.

  • PandyH

    My stepdaughter started her period right after her 12th birthday.

  • suziejax

    My daughter just started her period a few months ago. She is now 12. She had the brownish stuff and then didn't have anything for a couple of months. Then, bam! It started lightly and now it's normal. I was told by the doctor that it's normal to start, then go away, then come back.

  • Wyldbutterfly

    My daughter was very shy in regards to talking about her period. She got it when she was 12. I wasn't even home. I was out of state. I felt so bad, but she knew what to do as I talked to her about it plenty before the fact, even though she was shy.

  • Lorelai_Nicole

    My daughter got her period when she was two months shy of her 12th birthday.

Some Girls Start Very Young

  • heyma4

    My sister, myself, and my daughter all started around eight. Since I recognized the signs early on, I went into detailed conversation with my daughter about what would happen, why, and how it would happen. She was very prepared for it.

  • ZBandMom

    I started talking to both of my girls at age seven because that is when I personally started going through puberty. My mom never had the chance to have a talk with me BEFORE I started my period (age eight) because she never dreamed I would start at such a young age. I didn't want my girls to be unprepared like I was.

  • photochelle

    My daughter, Cassandra, started her period at age eight.

  • hap2bmom

    My daughter got her period when she was eight.

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