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Am I crazy or imagining things or do these thing happen this early?

I am only about 6 weeks along but for the past 3 or so weeks I have been having heartburn off and on. For the past week I have had gas (for the most part burping, gross I know), I've been craving salty things, and also I have had to pee like crazy. I have read that they can be early symptoms of pregnancy but during my last two pregnancies I never had that. I had morning sickness from the beginning. I knew I was pregnant because of that before I ever took a test. I also craved sweet things from the beginning. So am I crazy, is it all in my head? Or does these things really happen so early in pregnancies?


Asked by MizAnn at 12:00 PM on Jan. 3, 2009 in Pregnancy

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Answers (10)
  • I'm burping like crazy and peeing every 5 minutes. But I am also drinking more then I ever have in my life so its to be expected. and I think the drinking more and eating more smaller meals is somehow putting more air in my tummy and making me burp. I'm only 7 weeks and its been happening to me for a few weeks as well.

    Answer by lasombrs at 1:06 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • Every women is diff so yes you could be getting all this early on

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:02 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • I am pregnant with my 3rd and things happened way earlier this time, but on the plus time I felt the baby move at 12 weeks!

    Answer by BusyBeesmom at 12:04 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • the samething is going on with me and i am on the 2nd one i dont remember having to pee thing much until i was big with my 1st.

    Answer by Wyattsmom205 at 12:13 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • Hormones are to blame. If you are pregnant enough for a pee stick to detect a pregnancy, then there are enough hormones to cause these effects. Frequent urination is due to hormones as is cravings and heartburn. I have been told by others and experienced myself that these issues can clear up by second trimester and then come back in the third. Good luck, momma and congrats!

    Answer by zackkatiejames at 12:21 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • Its all a normal part of pregnancy,and it varies each time.Im 24 weeks and when i was like 6 weeks i was getting heart burn off water so yes its very possible,good luck,

    Answer by alaina_20 at 1:16 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • I sure hope its normal! Because with my 1st pregnancy I was only craving foods at around 4 months... and it was always sweets or shrimp!! Now this time... Im already craving spicy foods... and I have also had heartburn REALLY bad!! I think it is normal!! I haven't been burping... but I've been really gassy!! lol... hope everything else is going well!!

    Answer by ali_1107 at 3:08 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • With my first pregnancy I had next to no symptoms until about week 6. With this one I have been nauseated since week 3.

    Answer by PROGENITOR at 5:07 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • This is my first pregnancy, but before I even knew I was pregnant I was having those symptoms. I had heartburn, gas, and peed a lot. I'm nine weeks and haven't had any cravings yet.

    Answer by lala9 at 6:12 PM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • no no you're not crazy.. my husband will not let me do grocery shopping any more because I've been buying nothing but pickles and crackers and sweets, and I've been finding that all the food that I eat needs to be salted more but the sweets is not sweet enough for me! I know so gross, ha? but us pregos can't help it

    Answer by Shaima78 at 9:51 AM on Jan. 4, 2009

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