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Make them stop...

Im soo tired of people touching my stomach or lifting up my shirt to see my stomach.Uggghhh drives me crazy. Anyone know of any ideas of ways I can get them to stop without being rude? Happens alot at work.


Asked by Jennyv143 at 6:09 PM on Jan. 5, 2009 in Pregnancy

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Answers (8)
  • The same thing happened to me but I loved it. You could tell them nicely that just because you have the belly of Budda it doesn't mean their prayers will be answered by rubbing it. It's a nice way to let people know you don't like it.

    Answer by happyathomemum at 6:12 PM on Jan. 5, 2009

  • How far along are you? I had a friend who would poke my belly and "feel the baby" before baby was even feel-able. I told her that they only thing she was going to feel at that time was gas, and I'd let her know when there was something worth touching. She never felt me up again. :)

    Answer by KatieCrandall at 6:23 PM on Jan. 5, 2009

  • Im 34 weeks

    Answer by Jennyv143 at 6:24 PM on Jan. 5, 2009

  • I'm NOT saying this is the case for you...but some pregnant women invite the touching upon themselves more than others. If you're really flaunting the belly, people will often view that as an invitation to touch. Doesn't make it ok, but it's something to think about!

    Answer by KatieCrandall at 6:30 PM on Jan. 5, 2009

  • I dont mind my family and close friend touching...they can touch all they want. Its when strangers do it. I just get rude and tell them to knock it off. What bothers me is when my students at the middle school I work at want to touch my tummy. I can not get rude with them but I have to move away from them and tell them that they are invading my space.

    Answer by vickwu at 7:25 PM on Jan. 5, 2009

  • Well, the nice way to do it is to say that you prefer that people ask you before touching your stomach. And if someone was lifting up my shirt, I wouldn't bother to be polite, and I'd tell them to knock it off. That's just never acceptable without permission regardless of whether or not you're pregnant.

    The rude way to handle it is to just grab their stomach or lift up their shirt back. Then you can say, "See how that feels?" I have never figured out why a woman being pregnant makes people feel like they can just randomly touch her, something that's not acceptable on a not-pregnant woman.

    Answer by jilby at 8:14 PM on Jan. 5, 2009

  • When I was pregnant with my twins, you would swear my stomach became private property and the details of my life were expected to be an open book. Well into my pregnancy and very hormonal I had a complete stranger rub my belly while waiting in line at Panera. Not a quick pat or a short rub for luck, a long drawn out, let's chit chat rub. Yuck. Mid-rub fest, I reached over and started rubbing her stomach. (She was not pregnant.) She took a step back, surprised I'm sure. I said, "Awkward, isn't it?" I bet she thought twice about rubbing someone's pregnant belly after that!

    I wish I had some great advice, but mine is cookie cutter - ask for your space. If people you work with and generally spend a lot of time with are getting a little too close for comfort, just speak your mind. Good luck!!


    Answer by twinnmom222 at 8:21 PM on Jan. 5, 2009

  • Funny, no one has done that to me and I"m already 31 wks. My sister did, but that's it. I don't find it annoying if they lightly pat it, but lifting up my shirt? Oh God, I'd be pissed off.

    Answer by danielp at 12:13 PM on Jan. 6, 2009