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Is Anal Sex A Sin???

Yeah, I asked about oral a little earlier..what about anal sex. No offspring could be produced from anal sex so it's purely about pleasure--carnal lustful pleasure. Is it wrong???
And what about masturbation??? Is it wrong??????????????


Asked by Anonymous at 4:24 AM on Jan. 6, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (13)
  • It depends on what your particular religion says or your own personal convections say. For me, neither anal sex or masturbation is a sin at all. I believe that sex or as the OP called it "carnal lustful pleasure" is a sacred holy act deserving more respect than society currently gives it.

    Answer by isabellalecour at 11:51 AM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • masterbation is not wrong and from what i have heard once your married you can do whatever freaky stuff with your husband ou want with your husband and its not a sin so have fun..but just to warn you if you havent yet anal sex is very uncomforatable for the woman for me anyways

    Answer by akashaismyworld at 4:39 AM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • As far as Christianinty would go I think that what ever you do with your husband is fine. So long as it is agreed between the two of you. As far as masturbation I don't know about it. I guess that is something else between you and your husband. I use to know the scripture to find about sex in the Bible. IF you want I can go see where it is at about between man and wife. Let me know.

    Answer by lovinmomto3 at 5:35 AM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • no but it hurts like HELL

    Answer by jodi205 at 8:01 AM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • The poop-chute is one way only, and he better not even THINK of putting that log up there!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:18 AM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • well talk to the men in the middle east and other parts of the world... most of them do it for pleasure with little children non the less. Now THATS sick.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 11:38 AM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • It depends on your religion. I know that certain Christian faiths believe that any ejaculation not used to procreate is a sin. Any use of birth control, masturbation, etc.

    Answer by njmommy2boys at 12:03 PM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • Technically it's sodomy... And is condemned biblically... BTW, oral sin is also sodomy. In fact, it's still on the books as against the law in some areas although not inforced as it's a forgotten and stupid law. But if you want to get technical it is supposed to be a sin.

    Just one more reason I am not christian...

    And Jodi - if it hurts use more lube! It shouldn't be painful!

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 12:09 PM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • According to Quran, anal sex is a sin. any type of anal sex is a sin whether man on man or man on woman. There was the nation of Lut who was destroyed because they practiced sodomy.

    Answer by Aasiyah at 12:15 PM on Jan. 6, 2009

  • To me, a sin is only a sin if it hurts someone else. And NOT the kind of hurt this is talking about LOL

    Answer by Laura1229 at 12:27 PM on Jan. 6, 2009