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7 year old boy, too early for hormones?

lately our little man has been acting rather awful. Most of the time he's still snuggles, hugs, handholding, etc. But for the most trivial reasons he just becomes furious and says hurtful/hateful things. Recently he's been insulting me constantly that his bunk bed has a storage drawer underneath and not a cool trundle bed therefore I obviously do not care for him as my son

recent blow ups include walking home from school bus he asked if he could have halloween candy for after-school snack. I said nope but he could have THREE pieces after homework. He then proceeded to inform the neighbor we passed that he has the most awful mother on the planet.

And on Wednesday we saw "puss in boots" and since his behavior was perfect during the movie (no loud voice, seat kicking, etc) he was rewarded with 4 quarters for the arcade. I made him give me eye contact and said very specifically those would be his ONLY quarters. He thanked me and said he understood. Then despite my attempts to encourage him to listen/read the sign, he chose to stick all 4 quarters into an obviously broken game machine. He then blamed me and demanded more quarters. When I refused he went bananas and I had to have my husband carry him to the car screaming the entire way.

These anger fits and mean words about my "bad parenting" are very new. 3-5 weeks or so. Nothing has changed. He's amazing in school and has a 3.59 GPA. He's making charts because if he makes end of year honor roll we're spending all of July in Orlando. He's in piano, just had a great birthday, and has more friends than we can even keep up with. He is kind, empathetic, and holds doors open for everyone. Other than turning 7 NOTHING has happened recently to explain these weird defiant outbursts. Someone please tell me if these is normal? And when will the phase pass????


Asked by hibbingmom at 8:44 PM on Nov. 5, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (5)
  • Right after my son's 7th birthday he became his evil twin also! ....He's 8 now. Hate to tell you but it hasn't really passed for us LOL. Good luck. I hope some other moms have some good advice.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:08 PM on Nov. 5, 2011

  • I hate to say it but it sounds like he has been spoiled instead of taught to be thankful and appreciative. All kids can get grumpy and be unappreciative, but if my kid said I didn't care about him b/c he didn't have the exact bed he wanted, he'd have NO bed for a while. My kids know the only thing I have to provide for them is food, clothes and a roof. Everything else is privelege and can and will be lost for having a bad attitude.

    Answer by JackieGirl007 at 9:12 PM on Nov. 5, 2011

  • (ps) Some people think I am strict, but my kids are so amazing and well behaved, not perfect by ANY means. I may be a little strict, but they have an abundance of love and a clear line of respect they are not allowed to cross, and they don't. I just think it sounds like it's time to put the smack down on your little angel:) They all need it from time to time:0)

    Answer by JackieGirl007 at 9:15 PM on Nov. 5, 2011

  • i dont have any ideas but great luck to you. :)

    Answer by americanadian25 at 9:39 AM on Nov. 6, 2011

  • it seems like the majority of the fights are things like the quarters thing. In his mind he is smarter than the "out of order" sign and the broken machine wouldn't apply to him. He was somewhat humiliated when it ate his quarters and I was the whipping boy.

    He is spoiled. Not BAD though. No tv in room or anything. He is my little pet, I almost died following his birth and didn't get to change a single diaper til he was nearly 9 months old. Even though I'm on disability (as a result of renal failure and blindness from his c-section complications!) and my husband makes a meager salary at an airline call center, we still send him to a private school. I don't think he KNOWS he's spoiled though... and I do make him earn things. I also typically (prior to recent events) soap mouth for sassy talk but lately he's such a monster I'd be soaping him non stop (dye and perfume free bar OK'd by pediatrician. Not even remotely dangerous)

    Comment by hibbingmom (original poster) at 9:31 PM on Nov. 5, 2011