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autism/ adhd delima

Ok I am a medical assistant and I know somethings but I am wondering how others would handle a situation like what my 12 yr old son's school has put me into. He has autism Ashbergers syndrome to be exact and his father put him on ridilin while he had custody of him. The school doesnt want to help with the autism or the withdrawls from the meds. They want me to s they put it " rather have him a zomby that disruption class" ...HELP

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Asked by kelticme at 6:39 AM on Jan. 8, 2009 in Tweens (9-12)

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  • They have no choice but to assist you with your son's issues associated with both the Asperger's and the ADHD. Your son should have an IEP (individualized education plan) to address any issues (learning or behavioral) that might be associated with his diagnosis. As for helping you with his medication withdrawl, that's not up to the school. You should be doing that with the assistance of a Dr. I hope that you have not just taken him off of the medication yourself without consulting someone and developing a plan of withdrawl to make the transition easiest on your son. Check into the IEP (which can be revised at any time it's needed, if one already exists). Good luck.

    Answer by Kimebs at 8:11 AM on Jan. 8, 2009

  • The school has no choice about how much they want to help your son. They can WANT a zombie who doesn't disrupt class, but they can't make you give your son meds. They have to provide an appropriate education for your son. That means they have to help treat the problems that occur in school. You shouldn't feel guilty about asking them for OT, a 1 on 1 aide, or any other resources you think he may need.

    Answer by yakara77 at 8:29 AM on Jan. 8, 2009

  • Your sons school needs to follow his IEP..and Read it carefully and if you dont like what is on his IEP..CHANGE IT!!!! As far as the Zombie part goes...That sounds to me like they dont want to help your son get an education and want him to just glide through the school this what YOU want for your son? I didnt think so! Request a mtg to go over his IEP...change the IEP and change DRS for your son and tell the DR that the meds make him like a zombie, there are many effective medicines that your son can take that will not make him like a zombie. Good Luck to you and God Bless you and your son!

    Answer by MYnKURTMOM at 10:24 AM on Jan. 8, 2009

  • The school said I needed to take him to find out if he had add/adhd so I did. He was on medication for 2 years.  His grades were not great but he passed, except for last year third grade. He is now off his medication (he was repeating his last sentence and was very emotional)  He is now in a different school and is on the honor roll (principals list)  He has never been a bully but was distracted often. I am beginning to believe that teachers want these kids medicated.   The reason I took him off the medication is becuase of the side effects I read. If you can outgrow adhd, my son has. puppy


    Answer by donnabuzybee at 1:22 PM on Jan. 8, 2009

  • I don't know too much about Autism, but I do know about ADHD because my 10 yr. old DS has it. he has an IEP and THE SCHOOL HAS TO FOLLOW IT. I can also relate to the school's comments because before we switched schools, my son's former principal sent me an email telling me that my son has had two rough days in a row and if I thought tomorrow was going to be the same, I'd appreciate if you'd keep him home. WTH is that. She had also asked me to come get him a few times. IMO, it's their job to learn how to work with the parents, outside help, etc. to deal with special needs children. If you need to talk, feel free to message me. Maybe I can give you some advice on what we've done to help our son that  might help yours.


    Answer by LovingParent08 at 1:57 PM on Jan. 8, 2009

  • My son has Adhd and Pdd-nos. He is on a lot of different meds and it helps a lot. Is there a reason you don't want the meds? My son is not zombie like, but we had to get the combo right. The school is required to provide what your son needs. IDEA is the law across the nation. I think that you should revisit the dr and find out what is best for your son according to the testing and questionairres. Do what is best for him. School cannot dictate the meds, they are not qualified! You can message me, I'll help if I can, or direct you a bit. I've been thru hell.

    Answer by Scimecamommy at 10:47 PM on Jan. 8, 2009

  • to make it worse they gave me a referal today to have him go to an institution.

    Answer by kelticme at 10:52 PM on Jan. 8, 2009

  • the reason i dont want meds is cause the drs put him on stratara and ritilin at the same time and I went to get his refill and the rx said that the combo could kill him! he is on herbal meds that do calm him down but that dont cure the autism

    Answer by kelticme at 10:55 PM on Jan. 8, 2009

  • my daughter has apergers and takes no meds....her teacher has suggested that she might have ADD but last time I checked the lady didn't have a medical degree....she does fine at school, making straight A;s.....
    There is no cure for autism!!
    therapys help and routines help.

    Answer by michaux at 11:23 PM on Feb. 2, 2009

  • thanks for all the answers he is on concerta now but he has panic attacks that the therapist is trying to get worked out and we moved him schools even states

    Answer by kelticme at 4:41 PM on Aug. 30, 2009

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