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not to be rude but is really that hard to help someone in need?

i always help ppl when i can and will go an extra mile for ppl even if they done me wrong or its a total stranger and of course will do just about anthing for those i love...
even like today i sold some stuff to a lady who just moved here and she called me a few times after that asking where and how to get on wic food stamps ect and where certain stores are at. she kept calling me so i kept helping her and told her that sometime next week i can take her around to all the place that provide free stuff like food clothes ect. maybe im wierd but it just comes naturally to help ppl and dont get me wrong im not a push over if you piss me off you are going to know ill come at ya swinging but after all said and done i forgive but dont forget... it seems like so many ppl cant do that for whatever reason..not trying to be a bitch but seriously why is so hard to help someone out even if its your mortal enemy or not


Asked by Anonymous at 11:30 PM on Jan. 9, 2009 in Just for Fun

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Answers (8)
  • There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. You are a servant of God and you are a blessing to that woman. I hope she appreciates what you are doing, but even if she doesn't, she will be blessed for your help and guidance.
    I will help anyone anyway I can within my means to do so. I offer my help to anyone who seems to need it - some take me up on it, but most don't. If asked, I go out of my way to help or at least try to find someone that will help them.
    When the homeless stand on the street corners with their signs asking for money, I hand them some food - I keep a box of granola bars in my car just for that purpose because I don't have much money myself.
    I do what I can whenever called upon - that is God's will.

    Answer by PrydferthMenyw at 4:49 AM on Jan. 10, 2009

  • I totally agree with you!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:33 PM on Jan. 9, 2009

  • This is probably the best question I have seen on here in quite awhile. I wish I had an answer for it. Maybe it's just the way people have been brought up. We are so programmed to just not get involved. Did you know that if you are being attacked you are more likely to get help if you yell fire instead of help? What does that say about people in general?

    Answer by Rebecca7708 at 11:34 PM on Jan. 9, 2009

  • I'm not really following your question, but that was very nice and considerate of you. Just be careful when you get so involved with people you don't know... Sometimes we can be too nice and get taken advantage of or worse. (Yes, I am very cautious about everything)... But what you did was nice, and no it's not hard for people to do something once in a while. Some people are not in a predicament to help others so easily though, so be careful who you get angry with.

    Answer by pupmom at 11:35 PM on Jan. 9, 2009

  • I'm the same way you are. I actualy just got done asking my sister that. Ya know what she told me? She said that I am a person of a rare sort. The sort that is easaly pissed off yet so quick to help the same person that pissed me off. I dont know why we do this. Its not hard I agree with you there. What gets me the moste is when I go out of my way and then they refuse to help me when I need it. like when i litearaly spent 3 grand on someone and a few months later asked them for help, they said they wanted nothing to do with me cause they thought i owed them money.... And I'm still letting her use a room out of my house to store her stuff in my house. Maybe I am a push over lol.

    Answer by russian-mommy at 11:49 PM on Jan. 9, 2009

  • I think that pupmom really answered your question with this part of her response- "Just be careful when you get so involved with people you don't know... Sometimes we can be too nice and get taken advantage of or worse." Most people are so skeptical of everyone because we hear so much about the few people who scam others that a lot of people just stop helping instead of taking a chance. It's really very sad, but like this year I talked to my DH about adopting a CM family at Christmas and he being a skeptic said you don't know if it is just someone taking advantage so I decided to adopt a couple kids from the Salvation Army tree at the mall instead since I had the 'backup' of they have to financially qualify.

    Answer by goaliemom93 at 12:01 AM on Jan. 10, 2009

  • I'm the exact same way as you. I will help anyone anytime and am very quick to forgive wrongs against me. We once had a friend whose boyfriend and father of her child left her, went back to his home country, married a girl there (all in 2 weeks) and she got kicked out of her house. I let her and her 1 year old daughter move in with us for free in exchange for her babysitting for me when needed. Well she got a night job (doing who knows what) and left her daughter with me and disappeared for 8 days. I didn't get a single call from her til we had an earthquake and she didn't call til the next day to check on her baby.

    Answer by AprilDJC at 12:44 AM on Jan. 10, 2009

  • cont....Didn't tell me where she was either. I left her a pretty nasty note at the club where she worked that if she didnt pick up her baby and get her stuff out of my house that I would call CPS. I went to pack up all her stuff and found some of MY and my KIDS stuff hidden in her bag--a camera, 3 dvd's and some toys. I took them all out of course. Then she moved out and a few weeks later i realized more was missing but I guessed she needed stuff worse than me that's how much of a pushover I am lol. But I would still help her if she were to call today. Crazy I know.

    Answer by AprilDJC at 12:45 AM on Jan. 10, 2009