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Need information on home school.

What do have to do to home school your children?Do you have to get certified and how much does it cost other then paying for the books?

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:44 PM on Jan. 13, 2009 in General Parenting

Answers (10)
  • Everything is dependent on the State that you live in. Each state has different laws. I am a home school graduate, and would be happy to talk to you about homeschooling if you want to send me a message =)

    Answer by dedicatedrider at 8:46 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • To find out what the legal requirements are in your state, check HSLDA, which is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.


    Answer by dedicatedrider at 8:51 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • Dont do home school. I had a friend who did it,,,, she researched it. Got great advice and books and then after a year she put her kid in school and realized he was way behind the other kids. Plus they need to make friends and interact with teachers. Good luck though if u do it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:51 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • Start by checking your state laws be going to

    Very few states require you to be certified. Cost is really up to you & how you choose to teach... and of course meeting your state's requirements. I know homeschoolers that spend thousands on curriculum... I know homeschoolers that do it all for free.... and most fall somewhere in between.

    Like the previous poster said, you are also welcome to message me with questions & for resources any time.

    G'luck getting started!

    Answer by Laura1229 at 8:54 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • "Like the previous poster said, you are also welcome to message me with questions & for resources any time." OR ME!

     And, anon, no offense, but if your friend's son was way behind public school kids, then she was doing something wrong. Homeschool kids consistently score higher on aptitude tests than their public schooled peers. Not, my opinion, fact that you are welcome to research.


    Answer by Mishelly728 at 9:06 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • To anon---I home educated my three through high school. All are doing great--the oldest is working on her third degree, the middle son is in a supervisory position, and the youngest started college at 15,and was offered an opportunity to attend West Point after he joined the Army. It takes work and dedication--it is NOT an easy out of the public school schedule:-)


    Answer by Ronnie80 at 9:06 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • You should google your state's homeschool laws to find a starting point. It will tell you what you need to do to be legal.

    Unless you sign up with a charter or umbrella school (unless I'm missing something), you only need to pay for the cost of the books and supplies. How you decide to homeschool is entirely up to you. There are several ways in which to do it. Some more expensive than others, but great none-the-less!

    Spending more money on curriculum does NOT mean a better education!

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 9:42 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • kids can make friends outside of school, too, and a single case is hardly sufficient evidence upon which to base a decision. Many homeschooled kids are ahead academically.

    Answer by autodidact at 10:14 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • why on earth would a child "need to interact with teachers"?

    Answer by autodidact at 10:15 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • No offense anon :51, but she didn't ask if she *should* homeschool. She asked how to get started. Please don't base your opinion of ALL homeschoolers on ONE person's experience.

    In addition to the previous suggestions, I would also suggest that you (the OP) seek out other homeschoolers right in your area. Try searching on line and asking at your local library. Families who are already homeschooling in your area are often the best source of information on what is required in your state. They can also recommend good sources for curricula, field trips, support groups, extra-curricular activities, etc.

    Answer by jessradtke at 3:28 AM on Jan. 14, 2009

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