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feeling left out

It seems like my 2 so called best friends want nothing to do with me anymore. It's not because I have a baby because one of them does too. I always see on their myspace pictures of them together and I wasn't even invited. I have been SUCH a good friend to them over the years that it's like a slap in the face. I had to delete my myspace because it depressed me too much. What should I do? They are also my son's Godparents but don't act like it and they never ask about him. I had pretty bad PPD at first but now I'm on prozac and it's better and they know this but I still never get invited anywhere. What should I do I've tried talking to them but they make stupid excuses up.


Asked by aliciatron at 11:21 PM on Jan. 13, 2009 in Relationships

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Answers (10)
  • I'm sorry. It seems like a very inconsiderate thing to do to a friend. If you've tried talking to them, I'm not sure what else you can do. I've always been a big fan of the letter. By writing a letter you get out everything you want to say, without interruptions, and you don't have to hear excuses. Then you wait and see what they'll do. If things don't change, try to move on and make new friends.

    If that doesn't work, you could always sic the Zombies on them.

    Answer by Rebecca7708 at 11:26 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • I used to go through this in my past. I wasn't sure what it was but for some reason none of my friends would even so much as call to even make sure I was alive. I just stopped calling them and realized my phone doesn't ring unless it's my mom checking on her grands. I was like oh well I don't need thes chicks but soon realized they are my friends and I have known them for years.
    I decided to sit down and talk with them all. A couple of them understood while the rest thought I was crazy. They even chenged their patterns with me.
    The ones that didn't understand I kindly let them go. I know it's hard but when I tell you that what you are doing is hurting me and you can't acknowledge it then you don't need to be in my life.
    It's been about 4 years since I have conversated with them and at this point in my life I'm fine with it.
    We see each other in the mall or something and normally I'm like Hi and Bye.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:28 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • thank you for responding, if i had addresses i would write them letters but i feel weird asking :>

    Answer by aliciatron at 11:28 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • I'm going through the same thing right now. I know how you feel I'm so sorry.

    Answer by GigantaursMommy at 11:31 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • im sorry you're also going through this Gigantaur :[ its really not fun

    Answer by aliciatron at 11:32 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • You could try looking up the addresses in the phone book and if you can't find them, Sending an e-mail would work too. If not, Just move to Oklahoma. I'll be your friend!

    Answer by Rebecca7708 at 11:38 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • aw thanks rebecca! if my husband didnt have a decent job here i would consider it ;]

    Answer by aliciatron at 11:40 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • I know how you feel, also. I don't hear from my friends unless I call them. They don't seem to know how to pick up the phone or even email. It does really hurt. I emailed one of my friends and confronted her about it. Now, I wait and see what her sponse is.

    Answer by valleymom4 at 11:49 PM on Jan. 13, 2009

  • I have a few friends like that too. They never call me, when I call them it's like they're always busy. I pretty much gave up. I kind of figure that people just grow apart sometimes. It's hard and hurts, but I'm just trying to find new friends at this point. Sorry you're having to deal with this too! Maybe you could email them with what you said here and see what they say?

    Answer by mom2XandZ at 12:03 AM on Jan. 14, 2009

  • you guys are giving me such great advice, i think i will email them when i figure out what i am going to say. im just so hurt because i have ALWAYS been there for them and when i need them most they are no where to be found.

    Answer by aliciatron at 12:09 AM on Jan. 14, 2009