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So I was checking my email tonight and I needed to check my boyfriend's to get a tracking number for my phone. I saw that a girl had emailed his myspace twice tonight.....So I checked his myspace (he knows I have the password). When I looked it was a lady that he worked with along time ago. I didn't worry about it but they had emailed back and forth several times. I did notice that he has deleted just her messages in his inbox and sent. Should I say something or just not worry about it? NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD!!!

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Asked by TashaMarie349 at 5:03 AM on Jan. 16, 2009 in Relationships

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  • Gosh its hard to be honest when I know you are preggers but my honest answer is...would you delete if you didnt have SOMETHING to hide? Not to sound harsh, it hurts my feelings for you, but I know for a fact I will only delete what i am hiding. It doesnt mean it has to be sexual but anything, why else delete? As for saying something to him, you know him best and that depends on how he is as a man. With my hubby yes,I would be in his face wanting to know what the emails were, I wouldnt ask why he deleted them, id ask what they said, more like tell me, im not asking..

    Answer by Shannahboo18 at 5:18 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • oh yeah and it could be something that was discussed that happened in the past that he ashamed off, or something he doesnt want you to really know that she brought up. Maybe she emailed him a " remember when" email and he freaked out....

    Answer by Shannahboo18 at 5:20 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • He actually sent the first emai to her.......I am worried about his temper, and he has been being mean lately just not understanding how I feel. She lives 4 hours away....

    Answer by TashaMarie349 at 5:24 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • i think if he was hiding something why in the world would you have his password? honestly if i was you id just keep checken his email until you have proof. thats me though.

    Answer by shannonmarie759 at 5:34 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • Yeah i dont know why, but i was thinking of temper, im sorry because ive been there with a man like that , its hard to confront and talk to someone who is angry or possibly violent. Now you are pregnant and you have more to think about, which makes it worse as well. Im sorry. Him being mean is bad too usually that personality is mean when they are doing something wrong, him emailing her first would really hurt my feelings. It does feel better she is 4 hrs away. I just dont know, I dont want you to put yourself in a bad position, but at the same time, I would want to know. Him not changing the password is weird. Maybe he wants to make you jeolous. It just sounds bad...

    Answer by Shannahboo18 at 5:59 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • oh and this is extreme maybe, to some, but you could always email her yourself when you know he will be gone for the day, or will not be able to check it before you , and act like him or be honest and say " hey this is ... , how are you?" if nothing else, that could more than likely bring it out in the open without you saying a word to him first. You could be nice to her, because 1. see what she says 2. if she doesnt email back but he says something, she called him 3. if she emails back and you dont get it, he does, then he will say something to you and that brings it out, and you can play stupid and say " oh well i was just seeing how she was or whatever...

    Answer by Shannahboo18 at 6:03 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • He could have deleted them because he thought it might upset you to know he was emailing another woman. I know it would have upset me. You could say that you were looking for your tracking number and noticed she'd contacted him. Ask how she's doing. Judge from his reaction if he's really got something to hide.

    Answer by L.A.F.outloud at 6:18 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • Everyone deserves at least a little privacy. I would just let it go.

    Answer by Chrissy629 at 6:25 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • He may have deleted because he didn't want communication from her. I'd say give him the benefit of the doubt. He knows you have his pw, so I don't think any hankypanky would be taking place there.

    Answer by Bmat at 7:21 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • "So I was checking my email tonight and I needed to check my boyfriend's to get a tracking number for my phone..."


    If you're worried or concerned or paranoid or nosy about your boyfriend, just admit it hun! Then ask HIM about whats going on! It could be totally innocent, but he might have deleted them just the same because he knows his sneaky pregnant girlfriend would be checking up on him and wanted to try to avoid a fight? sounds likely to me....

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:09 AM on Jan. 16, 2009

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