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my period is a week and a day late Ive took 3 hpt 2 were negative and 1 was positive but I feel really bloated, gassy and crampy I dont know what to think my period is usually right on schedule

my period is a week and a day late, its usually right on time. Im on a 28 day schedule I got my period dec. 11th meaning i should have got it jan. 8th and todays the 16th its been a no show. Ive took 3 hpt, 2 were negative and the other one was positive but it was really really faint. Im pretty confused. Ive been raelly bloated for about a week and a half now, Ive also been gassy, my back has been really achy and ive been having some cramping could I be pregnant....

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:29 PM on Jan. 16, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (10)
  • They say it doesnt matter at all how faint the lines are. And my doctor told me you can have a false negative, but not a false positive. Give it a few days then test again.
    Good luck!

    Answer by bduckett0723 at 12:34 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • I would also give it a few days and then retest, but you could also call your Dr and get a blood test, they are accurate and then you will know for sure.
    Good luck!

    Answer by NewMommyin06 at 12:35 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • If one was positive, then you're knocked up!

    Did you use diff. brand of pregnancy tests? diff brands detect diff. amounts of hcg (pregnancy hormone that makes the test tell you if you are pregnant) and some will come out with diff. results depending on how far along you are.

    call your doc and get a blood test if you can.

    Answer by LoveMyBlessings at 12:39 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • im so in the same boat with you.... the dates and everything... the only difference is that i had light spotting with brown discharge....

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:39 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • I would like to talk to the person that answered anonymous to this question if she doesnt mind, to see what your experiencing is the same as what im experiencing...please

    Answer by mylesha24 at 12:43 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • I would give it a few days, with my first i took a hpt and it was neg. i went to the beach for my anniversary and all of a sudden felt like crap, my head hurt i felt sick , i thought i had really bad indigestion. the next day was fine, got back home and took another test and it was pos. i actually had 2 periods while i was preg. so even if you do start your period i would take another test just to be sure. even if it is light it is still pos.

    Answer by setliff at 12:44 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • hey im the one that answered anon..... im experiencing nonpainful light pressure right below my belly button, nausea, lower backache, headaches, gets dizzy/lightheaded and sore breast of course. what symptoms are you having?

    Answer by mwatson7603 at 12:49 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • Well if you got a positive , even if it was faint then its probably right. You can get false negatives, but a false positive is rare. In order for the test to show positive it must detect the hcg hormone in your urine . So make a doctors appt asap so you can find out for sure. Wishing youo lots of luck!

    Answer by CNM518 at 1:10 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • False negatives are a dime a dozen... false positives are next to impossible. My Fertility Specialist told me that the only time a woman should get a positive and end up not being pregnant is if she suffered a chemical pregnancy. =) All it takes is one stick with two lines! Make a doctor's appointment, honey!

    Answer by littlemrsmarcel at 1:12 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

  • Get a digital pregnancy test. It's worth the money if you're confused and worried about it. Yes, you could be pregnant. One of my best friends is here today because of the 99.9% effectiveness of birthcontrol, she was the 0.1% (I'm assuming that's what you meant by a "28 day schedule")

    Answer by NovemberLove at 1:51 PM on Jan. 16, 2009

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