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Allergic to water? please read...

my LO (20 mos old) was diagnosed w ecsema (sp?) of the skin... he gets dry patches, VERY dry skin, red bump, itchy, etc (you get the point)...

He has been tested for all kinds of allergies, all of which they said were negative... so he is not allergic to anything... we have tried steroid (which i am NOT a huge fan of), creams (of all sorts), dietary restrictions, vaseline (best for temporary relief), BUT nothin takes care of the issue at hand. IN ADDITION, every bath time (even before the baby soap is applied) his skin flares up horribly.. more red, more itchy, etc...

any ideas? does anyone else deal w this? what do you do? what have you tried? any help is appreciated :)

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Asked by mommy-2-3 at 7:30 PM on Jan. 19, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • He might be allergic to soap. In high school and maybe twice since, I have met people allergic to over the counter soap because of the perfumes, etc, that they are made with. Check with your son's pediatrician or try one from a health food store, like Tom's of Maine.

    Answer by musicmamma169 at 7:32 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • It might be something in the water. There are tons of chemicals in tap water. Any one of them (or more) could cause an allergic reaction.

    I would talk with his ped and see what he/she says.

    He might grow out of it. My son's face used to get all blotchy if he had ketchup, salt, or seasonings on his food (only where the food touched). That's when he was a toddler. Now he can eat all those things without trouble.

    Answer by amethystrse at 7:35 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • My LO (18 mo) has it too. I only bathe him every other day, and I keep the baths short, less than ten minutes. I also use soap that has no perfume or dyes, made by Aveeno. If he's not very dirty, I just use plain water. It helps, but it's still there. My pedi told me most kids grow out of it mostly by the time they are 2 or 3, so I'm hoping he does!

    Answer by drowninginboys at 7:36 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • Well he can't be allergic to water. Over 80% of his body is made of water. It's sort of like being allergic to oxygen or iron. Not possible.

    BUT, every time you put him in water, some of the natural oils on his skin float away and his skin gets dryer. Also, don't overlook the soap residue in the tub and on his toys. Unless you clean everything after the bath and completely rinse away what you cleaned with, residue will dissolve into the water the next time you fill the tub.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 7:38 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • How often and with what do you clean your bathtub? I know that I have...I don't know that I'd call it an allergy, but I have a reaction to some cleaning chemicals. They make my hands red and itchy, and if I don't wait at least 12 hrs after cleaning the tub to shower, it will do it to the bottom of my feet or my entire backside if I take a bath. I would assume you don't clean it every day, but if he is allergic or having a reaction to something in a cleaning chemical, it could be a rather severe reaction in terms of being sensitive to a very tiny amount. Just something to think about; it's the only thing I can come up with off the top of my head. Good luck! Hope you figure it out soon.

    Answer by tropicalmama at 7:41 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • It's my understanding that people with ecsema need to be careful with what soap products they use (usually dye,fragrence free) and have to limit baths (especially during winter). Try bathing him only once or twice a week and keep his bath as short as possible. Don't forget to pat his skin dry.
    I love Aquafor for taking care of dry patches so if you haven't tried that yet, it's worth a shot.
    Good luck!

    Answer by twinclubmom at 7:45 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • Actually people CAN be allergic to water, but it's pretty rare. It's called Aquagenic urticaria. Does he have reactions to his tears and sweat also?? If not, it's probably not a water allergy... but it might be something in the water like someone else suggested. Maybe as a "trial run" buy some purified water for his bath and see if he has the same reaction.
    Do cooler water because warm can make it more itchy.

    Answer by AmiJanell at 8:23 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • I'm so interested in these answers! Little David does the exact same thing. He's not allergic to anything. We use Aquaphor, but it's only temporary relief. Cooler water seems to help, sometimes. I also bought the Aveeno bath oil. I rub it directly into the spots that are red, let it set if a few minutes then rinse, it doesn't cure it but it sure helps. It happens on its own, but water makes it worse. I feel bad but I let him go 3-5 days without a bath, unless he's been all hot & sweaty, then I just can't skip that long.

    Answer by Davidsgirl03 at 8:33 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • I had the same prob when I was a kid and now my lil one has it to...what works for us is soap with oatmeal and lotion with oatmeal...We also use a homeopathic cream called "Rescue Remedy Cream" We use it 2-4 times a day or when his skin is really bad. You can find it at a Health Food store...its alil pricey BUT worth every penny and you only need a lil dab( a lil goes a long way!)

    Answer by mom2jesse at 8:42 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

  • Have you tested him for Aquagenic urticaria? The test is very simple: put a drop of tap water on his skin and a drop of distilled water on his skin. If he reacts to the tap water, then he probably has Aquagenic urticaria. It's not an actual allergy to water but is believed to be a sensitivity or possibly allergy to something IN the water.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 9:01 PM on Jan. 19, 2009

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