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Whats the diiference

Whats the difference between having an abortion, and killing a newborn? Both have heartbeats, both have brain function, both have all their little parts.

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:49 AM on Jul. 19, 2008 in Politics & Current Events

Answers (14)
  • technically a child isn't considered "alive" until it breathes its first breath. That is why partial birth abortions are allowable. However, if the child breathes, and the partial birth abortion continues, it is considered murder.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:00 AM on Jul. 19, 2008

  • One the mother can see; the other see can't.
    One she has felt move; the other is yet too tiny to kick.
    One looks like a baby; the other is still developing and not yet the "Gerber" standard.

    In reality, nothing is added to the fertilized egg...nothing "zaps" in at a later date. All the child does is grow up inside the womb for the first nine months--then outside for the raminder of his or her life.

    I believe we all would agree that the world is a pretty dangerous place on the outside. But actually, the most dangerous place for a new human to be is in the womb. Over 4,000 a day don't make it to birth by the deliberate choice of the mother.

    Answer by Readywriter at 12:50 PM on Jul. 19, 2008

  • I posted the question, after reading the pro-life or pro-choice question and answers. I myself am Pro-life. I don't understand how some women get all emotional when hearing about a mother murdering her baby, but then they are pro-choice....We are mothers, and should be protecting our babies no matter what stage of life they're in....

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:12 PM on Jul. 19, 2008

  • it's a sin - there is a hugh disagreement amongst scholars of religion and scholars of science. I believe what the Bible says personally. When the sperm enters the egg and fertilizes it, it comes alive... the cell doubles immediately and constantly as the cells travels through the fallopian tube ... eventually attaches to the wall of the uterus where it grows until the human being now in complete formation, is ready to come out

    Answer by swiwinstructor at 1:29 PM on Jul. 19, 2008

  • A newborn is just that. Fully grown.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:50 PM on Jul. 19, 2008

  • I guess for me, yes it is a baby at conception, but there are many stages that go from cells to baby. There isn't a heart beat right at first. If the abortion is done before 12 weeks there is no chance the entity/embryo/baby could survive. I think then it is more ok than at the 22-24 week period. Just my opinion.

    When I was in school getting my BA, I did a research paper on China and partial birth abortions. It was upsetting, educational, and mind boggling, but I am still pro-choice, which is not pro-abortion in the least. No one would go have one just for fun. Please think about that.

    Answer by Teachermom01 at 2:37 PM on Jul. 19, 2008

  • According to the government, yes they aren't considered "alive" until they take their first breath of air. When they take their first breath of air, they are considered American citizens. If you ask me, babies feel VERY much alive in the womb!

    Another thing that gets me is how they can try a man for murder x2 because he killed a pregnant woman but turn around and say babies are not alive until they inhale their first breath of air. Ridiculous!

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 8:21 AM on Jul. 20, 2008

  • What about the babies who are so badly deformed that they can't survive outside the womb? Should the mothers be forced to carry the baby to term since there is no risk to the mother's life? If you were in that horrible situation, would you want to spare the baby those dying, breathless minutes after birth? Would you want to go through all the congrats from strangers when they see your big belly, knowing there is only death at the end of your journey? You don't get to decorate a nursery, you get to pick out a casket.

    The vast majority of "partial birth abortions" are done in this situation.

    Abortion as a form of birth control is wrong. No two ways about it. BUT if my daughter is raped, should she be forced to carry that baby to term?

    Life is not Black and White - there are many shades of grey. When we try to make "one size fits all" laws, we make laws that fit no one.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 4:47 PM on Jul. 20, 2008

  • A newborn is fully formed and can live without a host. An unborn child cannot. A newborn has rights because it is living without a host and is breathing.

    Answer by purpleducky at 3:11 PM on Jul. 21, 2008

  • For rent...or not for rent!

    Answer by rosetoes at 3:37 PM on Jul. 21, 2008

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