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How can I get him to sleep???

I have a 1 year old, and he's in the stage where he doesn't want me to leave his side. Which means bedtime is the worst time of day..because he doesn't want to go to bed, and will only fall asleep either laying next to me, or in my arms. So now, during naptime and bedtime, I've been trying to let him cry it hopefully he'll learn to soothe himself. But, when I leave the room he screams, like he's throwing a tantrum. I've read that you're supposed to make bedtime a good experience..well how can you do that if he's screaming the whole time? Please give me some suggestions! I don't know what to do anymore!

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Asked by jadylady at 3:42 PM on Jan. 21, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • It's not "like he's throwing a tantrum". He IS throwing a tantrum. He wants you to stay with him and he is pitching a fit to get his way.
    I know bedtime is supposed to be peaceful and quiet and all of our expectations are that the child will drift gently off to sleep. Well, life isn't always like the rosy pictures... at least not all the time. You have to teach him that pitching a fit will not get him what he wants. You have to decide when and how you will teach him this. You can do it now. You can wait however many months you want in the hopes that he will change his behavior. It's up to you to evaluate YOUR resources and your child and decide what approach works best for you.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 3:53 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • If you want to know, here's what I ended up doing:
    At around 14 months, I couldn't take the sleep deprivation anymore. I had no energy to play or teach. Frankly, I HATED being home and longed to go sit at a desk all day where I could just veg. Naptime and bedtime were both hours long battles. She would not sleep if I was in the room and would not sleep if I wasn't. I finally realized that MY behavior had to change before hers would. I set a timer for 1 hour and put her down for her nap. If she was still awake, I got her up, we played for an hour, and I tried again. At bedtime we did our routine and she went into bed. Unless I thought something was wrong, I didn't go back in. She started sleeping through the nights - finally! It was months and months before she would happily go to sleep though. She just didn't want to miss anything.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 3:58 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • I have always rocked my kids to sleep until about 2 1/2 or so. I just decrease the amount of time that we rock gradually over time until we do not rock, but read a book with them already tucked in bed. Good luck

    Answer by vbongard at 4:00 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • I had that problem for a while too. I started playing music for her. We stick to a strict routine before bed. She has a baedtime 30 mins. It works. In the beginning you have to listen to the crying (I hate that part), but it doesn't last long. She sleeps all night!

    Answer by sparker1018 at 6:34 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

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