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Help Please !! Need to Know!

okay I had the steroid shots about 2 weeks ago.. I hit 32 weeks in 2 days. Yesterday I was 2 cm and 50% effaced. This pregnancy I was told had to be c-section because of prior. Will I have this baby soon? Been off feet and bedrest but dont feel well at all.. I am worried I will not make it ..just a feeling I have.. being at this point I have a good chance making it even close to 34 weeks?

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Asked by violetfantasy at 10:20 PM on Jan. 21, 2009 in Pregnancy

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Answers (9)
  • my friend was abou tthat for 4 weeks and ended up being over due but you never know

    Answer by Mrs.Owen86 at 10:22 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • Just take it easy. You could make it to the end and you may not. I pray that you can make it to 36 weeks all the way to your c-section would be best for baby. Good luck.

    Answer by coala at 10:26 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • the main thing you need to do is take it super easy! if it makes you feel any better i was 3cm and 60% effaced from the time i was 32 weeks and they ended up inducing me because my dd didnt want to come out still!! theres still a good chance you can make it as long as you stay relaxed and keep off your feet. congrats mama and good luck!

    Answer by Amanduhpanda at 10:31 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • wanted to add that at 29 weeks I had hit preterm labor and was in the hospital for 5 days on mag to stop contractions. After I talked the Dr in letting me go home because I knew I will be able to relax so much better at home instead of the hospital ..he let me go and put me on oral meds but they just feel like they are wearing off..he didnt expect me to go this long he had given me 4 to 5 days before I would be back in to deliver but it has been passed a week I am doing something correct..I hope!!

    Answer by violetfantasy at 10:58 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • terbutaline + 2 weekly visits for fluids and shots. put on bedrest. i made it to 36 weeks and stayed dilated well before that to a 2. I'm sure u'll be just fine.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:02 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • i don't really know. Take it easy though. The amount you are dilated does not mean a thing about labor.

    I just have a question.. VBACs are generally safe, is the only reason you are having a c/s because of the last one or was there a serious medical issue that made you need one this time. If you go into labor around 36 weeks, even 34, and there are no problems you could have a vaginal birth depending on the reasons for the c/s.... lol.. I don't know your situation but if my doc refused a vbac, I'd do it anyway. They can't do anything if you go to the hospital and the baby's almost out. :P

    Answer by celticreverie at 11:18 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • there are a few reasons why they are doing this one c-section I just had my last c-section last year..they said its hasnt been enough time to heal ..the other was all my others came preterm! and I dont know what they meant by it from the last dr's visit but he said my uterus has had it..even though I am getting tubes tied ....I still woulnt have a chance to carry any others if I wanted I am just glad I am done

    Answer by violetfantasy at 11:25 PM on Jan. 21, 2009

  • well thanks for answering, and I understand. I was just curious. I think that if you can make it as long as possible just hold out and get lots of rest ok :)

    Answer by celticreverie at 12:13 AM on Jan. 22, 2009

  • thanks !! I am doin my best

    Answer by violetfantasy at 12:25 AM on Jan. 22, 2009

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