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cat weed

do you ever give your cat CatNip? i have a wild cat nip plant outside my house and my cat practically runs out the door at every chance he gets. after he has it he either freaks out and acts nuts or goes to sleep lol. what does your cat do?

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Asked by mandei1509 at 1:27 PM on Jan. 23, 2009 in Pets

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  • hahaha i used to love giving that to my cats when i had them..they would run around the house, jumping off was so funny!! and theyd roll in it, and just jump into the air for no reason!! hilarious!!

    Answer by alexis_06 at 1:29 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

  • my older cat has no reaction - the younger absolutely freaks out - its funny to watch

    Answer by tmcewen at 1:52 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

  • what's wild cat nip? never heard of it! makes your cats go nuts?

    Answer by tnteaton at 5:10 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

  • Cat nip is scientifically a member of the mint family. It affects the nervous system of most felines in much the same way as marijuana affects humans. Cats eat it, or absorb the oil in the dried leaves through their skin. It affects all feline families, including the great cats, such as tigers and lions, but it does not affect every member of each of these groups equally. Some cats have no reaction whatsoever. Catnip will grow in the wild in most moderatly watered areas of the temperate region, Agricultural zones 3-8. Cultivation requirement similar to most members of the mint plants.

    Answer by pagan_mama at 6:58 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

  • My cats eat, lick and roll around in it. They act a little nutty after but not overly so. Then they fall asleep.

    Answer by InsanitySpeaks at 8:08 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

  • LOLOL..omg..when i get a cat im so gonna feed it some cat nip. what does this plant look like?

    Answer by tnteaton at 8:55 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

  • You can buy it at the pet stores. there are boxes of it, and there are toys with cat nip stuffed in them. They even make cat n ip tea for people, though I thinks that's nutty.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:02 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

  • oo i just said wild because we never planted it out there, it just grew on its own lol

    Answer by mandei1509 at 10:47 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

  • OMG! its freakin hilarious to give a cat catnip. Hilarious. I love giving it to my cats. I put it inside a toy or sock and holy crap they do things I didn't know were possible. flipping, jumping, totally tweeking out. so much fun.:)

    Answer by calliesmommie at 11:08 PM on Jan. 23, 2009

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