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amniotic fluid???

ok so i have been having wetness in my panties im due in 9 weeks. i have been having the normal discharge but this is different. how can i tell if im leaking amnioitc fluid or if maybe im just leaking pee or if its a diff discharge? anyone know??? another question is do you always drop before labor or do some women not drop? thanks in advance to all that answers

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Asked by 1-teen-mommy at 5:11 PM on Jan. 31, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • it is normal for women to have increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester.
    If the moisture smells, kinda like ammonia or is colored (green, brown, strong yellow, etc) head into L & D to make sure you don't have a leak. If it's urine it's pretty obvious, it smells like urine.
    The only thing you can really do is put on a patty liner or maxi pad. Also, if it's true amniotic fluid contractions will generally be following shortly (they should be increasing in intensity, duration and frequency and not stopping when you change activities).

    Not all women 'drop' before labor starts.

    Answer by MommyNDoula at 5:23 PM on Jan. 31, 2009

  • if it is fluid it will smell sweet

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:25 PM on Jan. 31, 2009

  • if your leaking it will smell sweet. When my mom was preggo with me her bag started to leak in Oct. and I wasn't born until Jan. As long as it's not a huge amount I would just call your ob and they can test the fluid.


    Answer by Mazie0723 at 5:27 PM on Jan. 31, 2009

  • usually first time mothers drop before birth. not always though. its more common in second and third etc. time moms to drop right before labor start. you can drop anwhere from right before birth starts to a few weeks. my third pregnancy i dropped about a month before they had to induce me, my last one i didnt drop until they started the pitocin and i was having strong contractions. the baby still wasnt fully engage when they broke my water.

    Answer by michelle.coppes at 5:28 PM on Jan. 31, 2009

  • i cant tell if it has a smell it doesnt seem like it smells at all

    Answer by 1-teen-mommy at 5:30 PM on Jan. 31, 2009

  • if you are worried about your water leaking i would call your doctor. you dont want your water to brake and let it go. when your water brakes there is nothing there to stop bactieria from getting to your baby. it can harm you and your baby if you let it go. it is possible that you are just leaking pee. i know its not a fun thing to admit but it does happen. there were plenty of time i thought my water had broken and it was just pee.

    Answer by michelle.coppes at 5:32 PM on Jan. 31, 2009

  • If you haven't noticed a smell, then most likely it's increased vaginal fluid and completely normal.

    I know it sounds gross, but, put on a panty liner or pad and sniff. (sorry)

    and to pp, no bacterial can be introduced to the vaginal unless you're sticking something up into it (tampon, gloved or ungloved hands, penis, etc) The vagina is not a vacuum it doesn't suck things into it. If you think your water has broken, be vigilant to not put anything into your vagina. (The fluid coming out FLUSHES everything from the vagina)

    And she is right that you could be leaking urine, the baby puts added weight on your bladder causing you to drip a little bit. Try emptying your bladder even if you don't feel the urge to pee and do so frequently.

    Answer by MommyNDoula at 5:43 PM on Jan. 31, 2009

  • I thought the same thing and called my doctor and they had to have an emergency exam to see if it was or not. Turns out I just had a really nasty yeast infection that didn't hurt. hahahaha. So embarrassing. Most likely it is just more discharge.

    Answer by bluelady27 at 6:17 PM on Jan. 31, 2009

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