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Why is it not ok to be against gay rights?

I was reading a post and this girl is explaining why she is against gay rights. She's being called a bigot and ignorant. But doesn't that mean those people are acting the same way? It's like that saying goes, "If you hate haters, does that make you a hater?" Why is is not ok to have a feeling against gays. I highly doubt this girl is hazing gay people or rallying at Congress against them. So why is it ok to call her names about being "close minded" but she can't have an opinion about being gay?

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Asked by SaraD1989 at 2:09 PM on Jun. 29, 2012 in Politics & Current Events

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  • Everyone needs something to bitch about blaa bla bla... Who gives a flying fudge what anyone does as long as there not physically hurting anyone:p

    Answer by megclark22 at 6:24 PM on Jun. 29, 2012

  • Your friend does have the right to express her opinion against gay rights. Absolutely. But so do the people who speak out and say she is being ignorant and narrow minded in her beliefs. And if the argument stopped there it would probably be mostly a non issue. The problem starts when people like your friend put their opinion into law and have their opinions affects a whole group of people based on nothing more than a private, intimate act between two adult people. How would your friend feel if these same people legislated how many babies she could have? Or if she could only marry and divorce one time and never remarry? She'd be in an uproar that someone was trying to legislate her personal life in that manner...

    Answer by Nimue930 at 6:28 PM on Jun. 29, 2012

  • If you can give me one good reason why they shouldnt be allowed to marry, I might not think she is a bigot.
    But the fact is, there is NO real argument against it (that isnt religious based, or based on personal fear/ignorance).
    Yes it is a "sin". So is lying, cheating, being envious. But no one is trying to take away any of your rights for any of those.
    If someone came into your bedroom, and dictated who you could be with, nd what you could do, based on their perception of what is acceptable, you wouldnt allow it. If you feel in love and you couldnt marry them because someone thought it was "wrong" or "sick" or "sinful", would you want their personal beliefs deciding that for you?
    I am a christian. And I support gay marriage. Everyone is a sinner. But God called us to LOVE, not hate someone for their "sins".
    It is not my place to judge them.

    Answer by Mme.Langley at 6:58 PM on Jun. 29, 2012

  • "Yes it is a "sin".

    haha, even that is debatable ;)

    Answer by bandgeek521 at 7:07 PM on Jun. 29, 2012

  • And if someone truly believes against interracial couples than that is their right.

    it's their right to be against's their right not to marry somone of a different ethnicity.  it's not their right to decree who others may marry


    Answer by autodidact at 9:10 PM on Jun. 29, 2012

  • I don't approve of the lifestyle YOU'VE chosen, OP. how'd you like to be denied employment or the right to marry the person you love based on that?

    Answer by autodidact at 9:18 PM on Jun. 29, 2012

  • "Equality for EVERYONE is highly unlikely. If that were the case, no one would succeed in life."

    So then what's the point in trying to succeed in anything? How do we know we will be successful in something unless we try? Why should we try if we convince ourselves that we will never be as good as (or equal to) others who also want to succeed? See the flaw in your argument? The goal of equality for all is what drives us to keep moving forward, to keep trying no matter the odds.

    Nobody gives two shits if you or anyone else disagrees with the " gay lifestyle". However, it's when people use their "opinions" to deny rights to others, or when the words you use to express your opinion cause someone to act violently against a gay individual or group of people, that the problem begins and people start to give a shit. Sadly, many who express their opinions against gays may unknowingly encourage others to deny rights, or act violently.

    Answer by anime_mom619 at 10:25 PM on Jun. 29, 2012

  • Anyone can have an opinion about anything, it's just other people who hear that opinion may not agree or like it and they will state their opinion. I don't think name calling is necessary, that's just immature. Unless she started name calling I don't have a problem who disagree but they shouldn't have a problem with me disagreeing either.

    Answer by Gin_Sins at 2:21 AM on Jun. 30, 2012

  • And there I was, laboring unde the impression that equality was important in the US. CRAP. The US is an "I'm all right Jack" place where they don't give a monkey's fart about rights.

    To be a little more composed (if anyone is still reading this), why should your difference(s) make you any less valid than the next person? Isn't equal opportunities for all what the US is about? Whether you're a woman, a single mother, a lesbian?

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:37 PM on Jun. 30, 2012

  • Yay! i got a DV.
    Most likely because I said "christian" and "support gay rights" in the same sentence, since some believe those 2 cant be one in the same. But in my church, it is :)
    God is LOVE. And your sins are not for me to judge if they are any more serious than my own.

    Answer by Mme.Langley at 4:33 PM on Jun. 30, 2012

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