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who else is freaking tired of this!!

when someone asks about natural induction why do people feel the need to ask or say why just let baby come naturally?? or ugh if your not 40+ weeks then wait. i am sooo sick of these moms who are so self ritous!! its not like we or any other person is trying to put their baby at risk if our dr's or mid wifes say it is ok to try to help progress things then who else is to tell us other wise? its not like we asked who out there thinks its a bad idea to try to NATURALLY induce! at leat were not saying im 34 weeks and im scheduling and induction! get off your high horses!! and if your not going to ACTUALLY ANSWER the QUESTION THAT WAS ASKED DONT BOTHER OPENING IT IN THE FREAKING FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!

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Asked by melis1029 at 9:53 PM on Feb. 1, 2009 in Pregnancy

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    Answer by melis1029 at 9:56 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • I understand how you feel. I'm having a scheduled C section. I'm not trying a VBAC. I'm a terrible mother, I know.

    Answer by blainesmommy03 at 9:57 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • I was an induced baby.
    I was suppose to be a halloween baby finally in mid november the doctor said enough time had passed and she got induced and all was fine.
    To me one method is not greater than the next it is based off the person and the babies health.

    Answer by Baby1114 at 9:57 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • Must add to those that are negative to it..
    Each person's birth is there own and nobody should tell them otherwise....

    Blainesmommy03,having a c-section makes you no less of a mother than those that vbac..infact, stronger since you must go through surgery:>)

    Answer by Baby1114 at 10:02 PM on Feb. 1, 2009


    Fuck. It's simple. If you don't like the answers, stop asking.

    Natural induction methods wont work, and there is nothing wrong with saying "hang in there, the baby will come when ready". Seriously, aren't there more important things to worry about then getting frustrated over someone elses response to a question?

    The reasons why people don't respond positively is because inductions are selfishly motivated. Some people feel that the babies health is more important than the mother's discomfort.

    I think women who want to try irresponsible methods such as Castor Oil need to be told of the negative effects it may have because many do not know, and if those women chose not to take the advice of those against it, it's her choice, but she should be prepared for varying opinions on a public forum.


    Answer by celticreverie at 10:39 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • Wow, selfish reasons? I would say my scheduled induction at 38 weeks is hardly selfish. my daughter should have cerebral palsy or be dead after getting her shoulders stuck in my pelvis because they were to large. I would say inducing early so that my baby has a fighting shot at sliding through my vagina without brain damage is resposible, not selfish. But excuse me for not letting nature take it's course and kill me or my child. In 90% of pregnancies I fully believe that a woman's body will do exactly what it needs to when it needs to to have a healthy baby and wonderful delivery. However, how dare you make the rest of us who have extenuating circumstances feel bad about intervening on behalf of our babies AT THE SUGGESTION OF A LICENCESED PROFFESIONAL WHO KNOWS WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE TALKING AOUBT? It is fine to have an opinion. It is never okay to make a mother feel inadequate or bullied because you don't like what she does.

    Answer by hannahjoy17 at 6:31 PM on Feb. 2, 2009

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