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So this kinda hurt me even 3 yrs later

Ok my hub and I got married sep 06. On the same day some chick my aunt only knew for 3 yrs got married. She is a JW and so is that chick. Well hub and I got marred at the court we wanted it to be private. The chick got marred at the JW place of worship. My aunt went to her wedding and not mine. What would you do if a family member did that to you? Went to someone elses wedding the same day you got married.?? And to this day it still makes me UPSET. PLEASE NO RUDE COMMENTS.


Asked by Anonymous at 11:29 PM on Feb. 1, 2009 in Just for Fun

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Answers (8)
  • that didn't happen to me but my hubby's father never came to ours because of his wicked stepmother who wont even let our kids come stay at there house but will let his steep sons and for the longest time didn't even see the kids till last Christmas hate his dad and his steep mother and half sister ,still I nor our kids meet her but she had the decency to call and give me a lecture that my hubby didn't call to say happy birthday to his dad ha ha ha

    Answer by josalin at 11:36 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • I would be upset and think you had every right to be. However, it's been three years and you cant do anything to change what happend. Yes, she was wrong to do that to you, but you have to let it go. I'm sure it's continuing to effect your relationship with her, that's not right either. Forgive her and move on, continuing to be upset about it wont fix anything.

    Answer by Chandra034 at 11:33 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • I go on like nothing happend I dont take it out on her just deep down it hurts i know if that happend to anyone it would hurt them for a long time

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:35 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • We got married this past summer, my parents are deceased, I invited all 4 of my sisters, only 1 came, no other family of mine, they were all mad because I moved away and started a new life... They all thought I should have stayed a single mom and not bring anyone into my boys life.... They never took the time to meet my hubby so I sent them invites, thought they would come, if anything out of being nosey,lol Oh well, I married the man of my dreams, my boys love him and he's awesome with them.. We have a great life and I could care less what they think... I will admit I owuld love for all of them to know my hubby but thats up to them now, I tried thats all I can do. I wouldnt stress over it, let her know you love her, and be the bigger person...

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:48 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • You should have just asked her to explain but from what I hear JW's are pretty strict on this kinda thing. So niece or not, you weren't getting married the way she thought you should have and that's why she opted for the church wedding. Sorry that happened to you.

    Answer by Gigi1969 at 11:58 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

  • I don't think you can do anything. You could talk to her but it won't change things. Could be she'll realize at some point her mistake and apologize.

    Answer by jeanclaudia at 12:05 AM on Feb. 2, 2009

  • maybe since you were having a more private ceremony, she thought she was intruding if she went to yours.. I can't tell you the real reasons but that may be one. Or she may have promised her friend first. Or she may have felt that being a JW she should have gone to that one instead (research JW's to understand). Like I said it could have been a lot of things. I wouldn't worry about it, you can ask her if you want.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 12:19 AM on Feb. 2, 2009

  • josalin i know what you mean, i had an evil step grandmother my whole life, lol. She always snubbed us.. my grandfather came down with alzhimers (sp?) and never knew when our b-days were, but she always made sure her kids got a call and a card.. we never got anything after my grandfather was diagnosed. When she didn't get a mothers day card from my parents for snubbing us (my brother and I), she flew off the hook, called ranting and raving, my mom just laughed and said what goes around comes around and hung up.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 12:23 AM on Feb. 2, 2009