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Plz Help

hello mommies ...... So i installed a video monitor in my kids room mounted on the wall so i can see there every move ... My son whom is developmentally delayed is really the reason why we needed it , i also have a 1 year old daughter (she has a crib) before my husband mounted the camera on the wall it was sitting on a stand but our son kept turning it of or turning it so we could only see wat our daughter was doing ....Win i say developmentally delayed i mean he talks gibberish but alot of his words are clear also and his behavior is thru the roof sooo long story short this morning i woke up to my them breakfast and i always look at the monitor , and i caught him climbing into her crib and beating her up , he was pulling her hair really hard and slapping her sigh my least is up in 6 months and then we are definitely getting a 3 bedroom but what do i do until then ....Sibling abuse is not acceptable at all especially considering her is 4 and she is just a baby ugh PLZ HELP MOMS

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:20 AM on Aug. 5, 2012 in Toddlers (1-2)

Answers (13)
  • Can you put either your son or your 1 yo in your room? My oldest has autism and I would never have put him in a room with his younger brother or sister when he was that age - he was too out of control.
    You could get a canopy for her crib I guess that would keep him out of there. And do some social stories about staying in bed, not hitting sister, etc.

    Answer by missanc at 10:24 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • It's not ideal, but can you maybe move her crib into your bedroom until you can move? That's about all I can think of. Does he respond to discipline? I don't know what kind of delays you're talking about, but if he can relate a disciplinary action to the activity that prompted it, I would find something that would make an impact - take away a favorite toy, sitting alone in his room for X amount of time, etc.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 10:25 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • the thing is when me and dad try time out .... it doesnt work he just acts as if nothing ever happened and try to play when he is clearly in trouble ,,, and by delayed i mean that he is 4 but acts like a 2 year old , he has bad behavior and refuses to listen to me (only his dad) why is he beating her up its really scary i didnt knw he was capable of harming her ... the other day he pulled her beads out and it left a huge patch

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 10:32 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • What about putting her in your room until you can move. I know it may be awkward but at least she will be safe. My mom grew up in Queens, NY in a 1 bedroom apartment. My grandparents had the bedroom and they put dividers in the living room for her and my uncle. They had 2 small pull out sofas that became a twin bed. And the divider gave them their privacy.

    Answer by robinkane at 10:34 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • Of course you have to separate them. He should never be alone with the baby. I'm surprised you needed a monitor to see what was happening. I would think her screaming at being beaten would have brought you running into the room; or maybe seeing the bruises he inflicted on her. I'm shocked.

    Answer by meooma at 10:34 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • our son kept turning it of or turning it so we could only see wat our daughter was doing (stand mounted camera)
    i caught him climbing into her crib and beating her up (wall mounted camera)

    what's changed?

    Answer by feralxat at 10:34 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • the wierdest thing was that i think she was so terrified of him because win i looked at the monitor she wasnt crying win he was doing it

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 10:47 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • How would you have not known this? That is going to damage the little girl for the rest of her life- not to mention give the boy a complex that it's ok to beat people up. Separate them and get the boy in counseling and get him HELP right away.

    Answer by staciandababy at 10:50 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • You need to get help for that little boy. Some sort of therapy.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:56 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

  • For a develomentally delayed child, time outs will likely not work unless you are catching him in the act. Punishment for offenses will have to be immediate or not at all. He will not be able to understand that he is in time out for something he did an hour ago - he won't relate the two and it will not work. I'm assuming he is in early intervention? If not, then get him in ASAP. If he is, then ask his therapist what she recommends. She may have some better suggestions since she knows his behavior/functioning level better than we do.

    Answer by missanc at 11:52 AM on Aug. 5, 2012

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