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Raising a baby and a puppy.

I love dogs, so, everytime I'm in a mall that has a pet store, I check it out. Well, I came across a beautiful, brindle colored boxer that I want more than anything, so I went as far as seeing if I was accepted to use the store's credit card, which I was. The issue is that I'm expecting my first child in March, so I'm unsure of what I'd be getting myself into, if I went ahead and bought the puppy. I can afford it, but it would make finances and time a little bit shorter than they would be, if I don't buy the puppy. So I guess it's a matter of either satisfying this want that I have and can afford or playing it safe. I usually think my decisions through, very carefully, but there are times that I just jump into things, head on and take the consequences as they come. This would be one of those moments that I may be biting off more than I can chew.

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Asked by mom2bsoon83 at 10:33 AM on Feb. 5, 2009 in Pets

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  • you need to realize that as we all hope and pray for a healthy baby- you baby could be premature or have health issues that you will need EVERY PENNY to pay for. And not just from financial- I don't know if youd have the dog inside- but if you do.. you'd be potty training a dog/taking it out and taking care of a newborn. Thats hard work right there.

    Answer by krazyash023 at 10:36 AM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • Your going to want to spend all your time with the baby. The puppy is going to annoy and frustrate you for taking time away from the baby. Puppies need a lot of attention. Do what I'm doing.... I'm not getting another dog until my 7mos old grows up and starts begging for one.

    Answer by Farrahann at 10:40 AM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • We have a 4-year-old black lab and he's a great dog...however, if I had known how hard it was going to be having a baby and a dog in the house, I probably would have waited. I love my dog but it gets difficult when your baby is just falling asleep and the dog is whining to go outside. Or he hears something outside and starts to bark. I couldn't even imagine having a puppy. They need a lot of attention at first and all your attention will be on the baby! That's just my opinion though. Good luck!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:40 AM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • I would never buy a pet store pet again. SO many unwanted pets sitting in a shelter for a fraction of the cost of the fancy pet store (puppy mill) dogs. In today's economy, lots of people are being forced to move into smaller places or places they can't have their pets and they have to give them up.

    My son was a month old when we got our 12 week old pit bull. It was a little work but nothing I couldn't handle. If I was you, I'd wait until after your baby was born before making any huge decisions. And check into getting your dog from a place that doesn't support mill pets.

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 10:47 AM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • #1 don't buy from a pet store. #2 wait until the baby sleeps through the night to bring a new pet into the house. May is a lovely time to be housebreaking a new puppy. Maybe your baby and your puppy will have the same birthday!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:07 AM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • I got a puppy when I was 5 months along and it was a great choice for me. I got a shih tzu puppy from a friend from work. By the time the baby was born she was house trained. My only concern for your situation is the type of dog. Boxers are very high energy and might not be the best breed to have around a baby/toddler. They are big and they tend to jump on people a lot. A smaller and more calm breed might be a better choice for you. And as other people have said try to adopt or get a puppy from a reputable breeder instead of a pet store.

    Answer by sbastille at 1:01 PM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • Aw I am not going to bash you about what you have done. I personally love Boxers, they are great with kids! I had 2 while my kids were growing up and they were great. As far as the work ahead of you, well you will have 2 babies at one time. Boxers love to run and play. Highly energetic. Easy to train if you do it right from the beginning. If you are a novice dog owner you will need help. Before baby is born get the pup house broke. Make plans for a neighbor 's kid to help you walk the dog. Give them a $1. for each outing.He will need to go out a lot to expel that energy. Or you can train him to a tread mill.Train your pup to not enter the baby's room unless invited. Let pup smell him and get used to his cries. Never leave baby alone with pup, till he is older. Start a routine that will suite you when the baby arrives. Try making life with pup and baby a good thing. Email me if you need more info. Good luck!


    Answer by doglovergranny at 1:37 PM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • Well personally if it were me I would not get the puppy. First I love boxers but even if you get one from good breeder boxers often have medical issues which can be expensive. Having a puppy that is so young will be hard with a new born. And if you have to get a credit card to purchase the dog then I would hold off until you can pay cash and after your baby is born and a little older.

    Answer by babyspots17 at 2:20 PM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • Having been a Boxer owner for about 11 years I can say that raising a baby Boxer and a newborn may very well be more than you can handle. My first two Boxers were already grown and trained when my son was born, so it was not an issue for me. Those Boxers are now gone and we have another Boxer that is almost two. My son was older when we got him so it was also not a big issue because he was raised around our older Boxers and knows how to act around a hyper puppy. Boxers require a firm, consistent, and experienced leader to make them a well rounded, obedient family member. Lastly, I BEG of you, please do not support puppy mills by purchasing a puppy from a pet store. If you need more reasons or info, feel free to PM me. I know what i am talking about.

    Answer by KTMOM at 2:35 PM on Feb. 5, 2009

  • I would wait. Not only for the puppy mill aspect of it, which is true. But I also know from experience (I had a bitch whelp 4 weeks before I had my son, who was early) you don't want a barking/crying puppy waking up your baby every time you finally get it to sleep. It's not fun!

    Answer by Sharon7772 at 3:46 PM on Feb. 5, 2009

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