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Okay stretch marks.

I am 31 weeks pregnant now up until the middle of January I had ZERO stretch marks. The day I found out I was pregnant I went out and bought some lotions. (Vitamin E oil Cocoa Butter) I really thought I was not going to get them. Well now I have them on both sides of my belly button there reddish/purplish. I hate them I know its horrible to say. I am wondering why did they just appear now....I have always drank water throughout this whole pregnancy ate healthy everything. Will these kind go away or am I stuck with them for the rest of my life?

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Asked by Anonymous at 5:59 PM on Feb. 6, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (8)
  • stretch marks are something you either get or dont get no matter what you try to do and prevent them if its ment for you to get them you will.
    yes they will forever be there. you can attempt to make the appearsence of them be less by using lotions still and after baby is born. It will make them less red and purple.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:02 PM on Feb. 6, 2009

  • sorry, but you will stuck with them.

    your skin decided if and when you will get stretchmarks. it also is a genetic thing.

    there really isnt anything you can do to not get them or make them go away. all those things people tell you to do to prevent it... like drink a lot of water, lotions ect. its just old wives tales. doesnt work. ;)

    i call my stretch marks "mommy scars".

    Answer by m.robertson811 at 6:03 PM on Feb. 6, 2009

  • They probably just showed up now because you are continuing to grow each week...I have heard some people's go away and some don't...I've also heard it's a genetic thing - you should ask your mom if she got them and if they went away. I would keep applying the lotion/oil - I'm sure that will help. You might want to ask your doctor about what you can do also. My doc recommends the lotion/oil and trying not to gain too much extra weight. Good luck!

    Answer by stepmom929 at 6:04 PM on Feb. 6, 2009

  • Nope sad to say they will always be there. I only had one small one with my first baby then with my second one I have them from side to side everywhere! I can't even tell now if I have any new ones with the third. They won't be purple they will fade to white of slightly pink, but they will always be there.

    Answer by pinkbutterfly at 6:04 PM on Feb. 6, 2009

  • Mine just decided to show up around that time too. I never got them with my first. I just started putting plamers coco butter with vitamine E body oil. I just put it on soon as I get out of the shower and my marks have started to fade already.

    Answer by BabyGsMaMa13 at 6:08 PM on Feb. 6, 2009

  • Mine didn't show up until I was 36 weeks, and I got them from boobs to knees, I used tummy butter every night of my pregnancy, hoping to avoid them but I guess Mother Nature had other plans. I started getting in the tanning bed about a month ago and they've pretty much all faded.

    Answer by efmeador0709 at 6:35 PM on Feb. 6, 2009

  • Stretch marks fade after time but will never go away. I didnt have any until I was about 32 weeks with my first then out of nowhere my belly looked like it was on fire. Lotion can HELP to not get them as bad but if you were meant to get them there is no way around it. I used lotion 3x a day because I was worried too. It obviously didnt help me at all. I have come to the conclusion our bodies hate us.

    Answer by LovinEveryDay at 6:41 PM on Feb. 6, 2009

  • Well I always was a thick female and I always had a few stretch marks here so when I got pregnant and people were like you gonna get strectch marks I wasnt surprised but what did surprise me was that I am 30 weeks pregnant and I still got the same stretch marks that I ve always had none more and I LOVE them lol... Every body that knows me are so jealsous because they see that I become one with my prgenancy cant hate some thing so precious. Plus they remind me of my son

    Answer by pregnproud88 at 8:14 PM on Feb. 6, 2009

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