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Is labor more painful when you get induced?

I have got told by all kinds of people that labor/contractions more painfully when you get induced but then others have told me its no different. If i have not had my back in the next week in a half the doctor is going to induce me and i am getting really nervous about how it all works. So if anyone can give some advice on this please let me know. I want to ease my mind a little here. Thanks!

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Asked by crjmommy04 at 8:25 PM on Feb. 8, 2009 in Pregnancy

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Answers (44)
  • yes because they give you a drug (pitocin) that makes contractions harder and faster.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:28 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • my mom was given pitocin with one of her labors and she said it was the worst one

    Answer by alinker at 8:29 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • i was induced, in labor for four hours and no problems at all. i guess it just depends on the person.

    Answer by Chandra034 at 8:29 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • I was induced and I didn't think labor was that bad at all.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:31 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • I don't have anything to compare it to. I was induced with both and it was tolerable, so I cant complain.

    Answer by kabbot01 at 8:31 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • It is worse, just look at logic and physics. When your body goes into labor naturally, it's because your body is ready. With an induction your are given Pitocin, an synthetic form of Oxytocin, that forces your body to do something it might not be ready for. Pitocin cause contractions to be longer, and more intense. Inductions suck, I know.. I was induced and will never do it again. It also puts more risks to you and the baby.

    Remember, your doctor doesn't control your birth. If you haven't gone past 42 week then there isn't risk to you or the baby.. hell you can go past 43 weeks and as long as the placenta and you are ok you can have a natural birth..

    Half of all inductions fail and wind up in cesareans as well. So do your research :) good luck.

    Answer by celticreverie at 8:32 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • Mine was no more painful than with my second which was natural. Actually my second was way more painful

    Answer by ZaTa at 8:35 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • I don't have anything to compare my labor to...but they induced me around 7:30 AM and the contractions were hurting by 10:30 AM. I got my epidural at 11AM though, so I didn't have to deal with the pain very long.

    Answer by caitxrawks at 8:35 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • I was induced with my son and although I have nothing to compare it to, it was horrible! I was in labor for 35 hours, although only pushed for 10 minutes. I don't know how it would have went if I hadn't been induced, but I don't think it could have gotten too much worse.....

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:36 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

  • Jesus, YES, it was wayyyy more painful.

    Well, maybe...I'm not sure. I'll explain.

    I was induced with my first. With my second, I went into labor naturally, but had back labor. So...yeah. lol

    I would never get induced again unless my child's life was in danger. Thats how horrible it was.
    When I got induced, I had to deal with the pain for a full 12 hours, with NO meds. Ug...terrible.

    With a naturally progressing labor, your body has a chance to build up to the pain, because each level of pain is more intense than the one before doesn't just come out of nowhere. With being induced, the pain comes out of nowhere, and the contractions START OFF strong. its a lot for your body to deal with all at once.

    I didn't react very well to the pain for about 3 hours. I screamed everytime a contraction came on.

    Answer by .Peaches. at 8:48 PM on Feb. 8, 2009

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