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What would you say if your daughter told you she was bi?

As in bisexual. We were texting as she has just started college and is on campus, and she said she wanted to tell me something, not bad, but important. Wanted to wait until we saw each other. Of course, I couldn't wait, so asked what it was and she said I have realized that I am bisexual. She also became a vegetarian a month or so before going to college. She has a boyfriend of just over a year, and said he was ok with it. He is back home, as not yet off to college.
I honestly don't care, but she knows that I feel that people's sex lives are private and should remain private, whatever their orientation, not all up in anyone's face. Really don't care for people posting about it on facebook, advertising, etc. I said it's no big deal to me. It has no bearing on your future success and achievements.
I was glad she didn't say she was pregnant, or into drinking or drugs.
College has brought out her activist nature and she has joined NOW and another women's group. I think it's awesome! She is a sweet kid with a big heart.
My DH laughed. He's like "Ohhh, haha. She's a vegetarian, now a bisexual. It's a stage...she just got to college!" Maybe, but at some point, I was thinking, you have to choose if you want to settle down. I really don't know...What do you think?

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:49 PM on Oct. 5, 2012 in Adult Children (18+)

Answers (13)
  • I would just say that's cool and move on. It could be a phase, I dated a woman for a while and moved on . I still find some ladies attractive but not like omg I wanna screw em lol

    Answer by Mrs_Harsh at 2:51 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • Maybe it's a phase- maybe not
    I'd be ok with it. Sounds like you guys are taking it well :)

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 2:57 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • I would say thats nice sweetie and move on. I could careless. She's my child, I will love her regardless.

    Answer by LostSoul88 at 2:58 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • My youngest DD at 17 said she was Bi sexual. First thing that came out of my mouth was. No more stay overs at your girlfriends house. I wontr let you stay at a guy frinds house for sexual reasons. Now that you are bisexual. Not girlfriends houses either. I did tell her you probably will have to choose straight or lisbian evetualy. Not to many guy want a bisexual female. I told her it didn't matter to me what she was, sexualy. It was a faze. she is now married to a man and has 2 kids.

    Answer by louise2 at 3:01 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • I'd shrug and say okay.

    Answer by Izsarejman at 3:01 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • It may be a phase, or it may be that she is coming to terms with being a lesbian, I am of the belief that sexuality isn't all black or white.Teaching her to be responsible with sex it what is important, sound like she is spreading her wings a bit, and I wouldn't make a deal of it one way or another.

    Answer by kimigogo at 3:07 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • I wouldnt say anything if shes bisexual nothing I say will change her sexual preference so all I can do is be supportive and love her and wish her nothing but happiness

    Answer by toybar02 at 3:08 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • well... my daughter (now 21) told me sometime within the past six months that she is attracted to girls - don't think wanting to necessarily do anything about it, but that she noticed she notices them. it wasn't like coming out of the closet - our family is extremely pro gay rights - this is not an issue for us, it was just part of normal conversation, like guess what I did yesterday. in your case, she was making sure she was still going to be loved and accepted, and also possibly looking for some direction. the only thing that really bothers me about it is that "her boyfriend says it's ok" - does this mean they are not in an exclusive relationship? it bugs me when people don't consider a girl/girl hookup cheating (it's a different type of prejudice). but she's young and finding herself. she has a long time before she needs to make decisions about permanent relationships. she will when it's time, no worries.

    Answer by figaro8895 at 3:17 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • This is hard for me to answer, my girls are still very young and not interested in anyone. I guess all you can do is be accepting & there for her.

    Answer by 3libras at 9:22 PM on Oct. 5, 2012

  • I think it's great that she feels comfortable enough to tell you this. :) About settling down ... she'll settle down when she finds THE person that she truly loves, whether male or female.

    Answer by winterglow at 12:38 PM on Oct. 6, 2012

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