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Can you adopt if you have bad credit because of the past?

Hi everyone, I'm 31 years old and am going back to school for my teaching degree and to become certified to teach special ed. Once I'm working and have a home, I want to adopt (siblings, if possible). I've wanted to do this for a long time. Right now I'm single and not looking for a relationship, necessarily.

When I was younger, in my early to mid 20s, I started having unpaid medical bills from the hospital that I went to a few times during those years. I was a student during that time and just couldn't pay. It ruined my credit. Since then I had to have a co-signer when I got an apartment. It seems like it's followed me even though I haven't racked up anything new. I've paid anything I've owed since those times. Even when I applied for a job a couple of years ago, they ran a credit check. I didn't get the job and I don't know if it had to do with that or not.

Anyway, I'm hoping this won't interfere with my plans to adopt?

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Asked by IrishIndiana at 7:40 PM on Oct. 6, 2012 in Adoption

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  • Well why you're waiting till that point, why not start trying to improve it now? I'm sure it will look better on you that it shows you're trying to pay off a debt from the past and improving your score then it just being ignored.

    Answer by LostSoul88 at 7:43 PM on Oct. 6, 2012

  • You have go on a payment plan to pay your debts, or file for bankruptcy. Yes it can effect the adoption because each agency has their own criteria, and birth parents can determine who they select to place the child with. Good luck!

    Answer by RyansMom001 at 8:02 PM on Oct. 6, 2012

  • Every few months credit reporting agencies review your history. If you have paid off all your debts, and pay things on time within a year or two your credit improves dramatically, and it doesn't take much more time to have stellar credit.

    Have you checked your credit recently? When were your bills paid off. If you paid off all of your bad debt, and haven't had any late payments, you may be surprised when you check your credit score. If it's been some time since you paid them off, and you aren't seeing your score go up I'd check into it, because within a few months of paying things off and paying everything else on time, you should start to see your numbers improve.

    Answer by ohwrite at 9:10 PM on Oct. 6, 2012

  • Your credit will be run and factor into the decision to approve the adoption. At least when I and my ex adopted our daughter they ran our credit and we had to prove our salaries, medical, dental & life insurance. You have to prove you are financially stable and able to care to the needs of a child.

    Answer by booklover545 at 11:32 PM on Oct. 6, 2012

  • Paying cash will not improve your credit. You have to actually have a payment or loan or credit card and then keep the payments current, even if you pay it off every month. I doubt that the job had anything to do with the late medical bills. (Now that leaves you to worry, what else? Just kidding! They may have just hired someone else they felt was more qualified.) For foster care adoption, you have to show that you can & do suppport yourself now. They will run criminal and FBI background checks, but I don't think that the old bills will hurt you. I'm not sure if they run a credit check. You might just check online for y our state's child protective services and see what the requirements are for adopting/fostering. Tell them up front that's what you are concerned about, but I don't think it will hurt you. In DIA domestic infant adoption, it may be different. Good luck!

    Answer by doodlebopfan at 11:09 AM on Oct. 12, 2012

  • I would try to re-build good credit now - that may help! Good Luck to you!

    Answer by isismoon3 at 6:37 PM on Oct. 21, 2012

  • Even if you are in the process of re-building your credit from a bad past & are curent on all your bills now - agencies will turn you down. My hubby and I have been thru fertility treatments for the past 5 years, which cost a lot of money. We got behind on 2 bills (power & internet 3 months late), that have since been paid off but will remain on our credit for 10 years. 4 agencies have turned us down because we had "bad" credit. We make currenty make almost $100g a year, own our own home & cars outright, have double health & life insurance. So we have decided to say 'eff the agencies and the money they would have made by placing a baby with us, which is typically about $40 grand per placement. We are searching for babies from young ladies who are not able to care for the infant themselves and are asking for a closed adoption until the child turns 18. Good luck to you my dear.

    Answer by ms83501 at 10:39 PM on May. 15, 2013

  • Ask an attorney

    Answer by escuchar at 12:54 PM on Apr. 14, 2014

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