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A question for Agnostics?

I read on here all the time that people are agnostic because you cannot prove that god does or does not exist. But for me, that just doesn't seem to make much sense. The fact that there is absolutely no evidence of god's existence, and no evidence that he/she/it answers prayers, is evidence in itself that such being does not exist. Know what I mean?

Let me put it this way. If I have a hypothesis that short people run faster than tall people, I would design an experiment to test that. If after that experiment, and several others, I find absolutely no supporting evidence for my hypothesis, I would be forced to conclude that short people do not run faster than tall people.

The sheer lack of evidence is enough for me to conclude that there is no god.


Asked by my2.5boys at 11:24 AM on Feb. 9, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • My answer is much the same as Myantek's... I dont' believe in a personified deity, but do believe that we are all a part of something much larger than ourselves- the vast and interconnected universe that we all spring from and return to. So I guess for me it comes down to a quibble over the definition of the word 'God'- does that meet the definition of 'belief in God?' For me it is very similar to what my idea of God has always been so I do not consider myself an atheist, yet it is very far from the predominantly Christian's view of a personified deity with a personality and a vested interest in humanity. Because that view is so prevalent when we say the word 'God' I don't feel right saying that I 'believe in God' either. Thus I say I'm an agnostic Buddhist... it seems like the best fit for something very hard to categorize!

    Answer by Freela at 1:25 PM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • There is no proof in either direction with your argument. Answers who's prayers? And perhaps the answers that you desire is not the resoultion that this being or God does not want you to have. Perhaps God may not have answered your prayers or answered your prayers to your satisfaction but it doesn't mean they weren't heard. But I can say that I do respect someone who says I don't know in either direction.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:27 AM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • I'm agnostic because I feel there may be something else out there that can't be explained. I feel that there's something that connects all living things in the universe. I don't think it's god but I'm not willing to close that door on spiritulaity.

    Answer by Myantek at 11:29 AM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • Myantek, you're like my husband. He chooses to describe himself as agnostic because he believes in a universal "oneness", a power greater than himself, which I guess is a good way to describe it. But he doesn't believe in any god, by any definition of the word. I tend to believe that there is more to life than what we know right now, but I don't believe in any god, by any definition of the word, which is why I tend to call myself an atheist. Atheist doesn't mean you don't believe in anything, it simply means you don't believe in any god. Atheists can be very spiritual people.

    I was looking for answers from those who are more undecided about a god, rather than about spirituality though. But thanks for replying!

    Answer by my2.5boys at 11:38 AM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • Meh, I dunno. I reserve your right to believe that, but I'm holding steady with my belief that until proof or disproof is available...I'm not going to believe either way. I'd rather not have an "absolute" belief right now in my life. To me, believing in a 'god' is an absolute, just like not believing in a 'god is an absolute. I'm young, I have plenty of years ahead of me to explore my faith or lack thereof. I'd rather not make any huge decisions at the moment. So, for now, I'm agnostic.

    Answer by caitxrawks at 11:43 AM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • Actually there are facts and if you've ever seen someone get healed from something serious then you would know...Have you ever been to a Todd Bentley conference? I watched people get healed of cancer, stand up out of wheel chairs, get healed of TONS of diseases AND bring back evidense and PROOF. This isn't a question, This is you giving your opinion. Don't worry about what other's believe, worry about YOU.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:51 AM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • I can respect that answer caitxrawks, but for me, not believing in god isn't an absolute. See when you approach things from the scientific/ logical side, it's always left open. Should new evidence present itself, theories change with the flow. It's not rigid and straight, it's fluid and flows along and changes as new knowledge is gained. So for me, the logical view is to not believe in god (because there is no evidence) until such time as evidence is found in support of god. Know what I mean?

    Answer by my2.5boys at 11:51 AM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • Even thinking scientifically there is not enough evidence to prove there isn't a God. Most of them are theories. Of course God isn't going to answer a prayer from someone who is just "testing" to see if he's real. He wants people to trust in him and believe in him..Seek the blesser not the blessings. There have been countless miracles in this life, I can't see how people can't believe when there has been proof. They make up excuses not to believe when It's right in front of their eyes. But here's the thing. I'd rather believe in God and find out later that he didn't exsist then to take my chances NOT believeing in a God to find out later he DOES exsist.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:56 AM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" Carl Sagan

    I myself am agnostic because I believe there is so much more out there than we humans can perceive even with all our devices and equipment. I am a scientist and I believe science is a wonderful method to help us understand our physical universe. But I believe there is much more out there than our physical universe.


    Answer by riotgrrl at 11:59 AM on Feb. 9, 2009

  • The way I see it... if there is a God, He/She/It is not going to work on anyone's terms.... so 'experiments' aren't going to yield a reliable result. I would think "God" would know what's in your heart and know it's just a big test and want no part of it. (ever heard that song "Thank God for Unanswered Prayers"??)

    What if "God" DOES exist, but not as percieved by modern religion? What if "God" exists, but everything we've learned beyond that is flawed --- therefore, you'rd be basing your experimental parameters on false-truths ---- then any conclusions would become invalid.

    As a Buddhist, I can also comfortably consider myself agnostic. I don't know if there is a "God" in existence or not. If there is, personally, I feel He/She/It is NOTHING like portrayed in the Bible, Qur'an, Torah, etc (which means I couldn't experiement to prove anything) --- but it wouldn't surprise me to discover one (or many) exists.

    Answer by Laura1229 at 12:02 PM on Feb. 9, 2009