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Help! Serious mental illness in family member, anyone have experience with this?

My brother, two years my senior, has had episodes in the past, usually triggered by alcohol or drugs. A freak-out and hospitilation at 16, that blew over and he went back to normal. A weird phase at twenty. Psychotic break at like 27, acting just like my great-aunt did when I was a kid, she was schizophrenic; anyway she had he's been a little off since. Conspiracies, hallucinations, aliens, he usually didnt bring it up and if he did he didnt do it in mixed company. He started drinking hard a couple years ago and the alcohol really brougt it out. Schizophrenia is my guess, it runs in the family. He spent the summer with me and he was perfecctly normal. I have kids, so its mellow, I just straight out banned alcohol since he'd had such bad episodes drunk. He did great, he was happy, normal. After summer he went back to my moms, she missed him, is real needy. I didnt see him for a few weeks.

 When he came back to visit, he was off, weird. Told my cousin that someone put a chip in her head and he had to cut it out of her. Freaked her out, understandably. I think he'd been using, detoxing is hell on schizophrenia. So my mom called me in the middle of the night a week ago. My bro was out there, he jumped off the roof through and awning; earlier that day my Grandma had to collect him from McDonalds where he was talking to hallucinations and freaking people out. He was out of control, mom was scared of what he would do. So I told her that since he refused to get heelp - no health insurance, no problem, excuses, excused- this was a good time to call and get him placed on a psychiatric hold for 3 days to get help and medication. She hemmed and hawed and finally took him to the ER. (Not how you get a 2hr hold!) He was released, I dont know how since he was totally delusional, irrational, talking to hallucinations, unable to follow simple conversations, spasticly examining and moving things, using his 'magic powers;' so a few hous later he was somehow - only he really knows how - detained by authorities and taken to a mental crisis ward. Releeased the next day, still no meds. At first I didnt want to deal with it, but they were talking so mean and treating him bad over there, wheen they calle d me for help asking me to come I wasnt going to until I heard how they were having all these peoplee staying there and they fought with him constantly, hes a pretty quiet, passivee guy.

 SO my DF and I went to see him and we had to pick the lock on hos door to the attic, andd he asked to come with us. He seems happy to be here, but he's so....disturbed. He's kinda avoiding me, keeps moving to a different room if I try to have a conversations, then having conversations with imaginary pople in the next room- or my cat. Its so weird to watch this. He really liks and respects my fiancee Bryan, hee even asked to talk to him; they are upstairs putting up a bed for him. I dont know what to do. My grandma and uncle were at moms when we went to see him and they tried to talk me out of bringing him, but keeping him isolated in the attic and fighting with him isnt good for anyone. He is hard of heariung so between that and being drowned out by the voices only he can hear, I havent been able to keep his attention for more than 20 seconds at a time and then he runs off to examione my shoes or read my mail, ormove random things and have hushed conversations with the cat! He wont get on meds, doesnt really think theres a problem, he's just aware of things we are blind to, he's more 'evolved' or such nonsense.

 I was really hoping he'd snap back to normal like before, but this is truly delirius behavior. I know i practically wrote a book, thanks so much if you read my long rant. I dont know what to do, just needed to vent. Any opinions, advice, suggestions, anything, would be much appreciated!

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Asked by AngelicaDem at 11:25 PM on Oct. 21, 2012 in Relationships

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  • Everyone is right. Help IS needed. Whether he wants it or not. He might resent your family for awhile because you forced help on him, but it is for his own good. He needs to see someone about this. I don't know if general therapy and psychiatry would be enough for him, otherwise I could reference you to some people. I don't have experience with schizophrenia, but the symptoms match the definition. Your family will be in my prayers, too.

    Answer by alexteale at 1:10 PM on Oct. 22, 2012

  • keep u in prayer

    Answer by smiley745 at 6:36 PM on Oct. 22, 2012

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