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also posted in pregnancy.... please give me some advice or words i can use THANKS!!!!! im dreading

so me and my dr sched an induction on monday 3 days after my due date

my Sos family is VERY into doing things the natural way. and in certain situations i agree with them. but this is MY decision and my SO is supporting me with it.

im just DREADING seeing my inlaws. i KNOW they will say something rude like they already have in the past...

"you better not CHOOSE her birthday!"
"do NOT let them induce you, thats so stupid"

theyve already told me things like this in the past when i barely even knew i was pregnant.

what would you do or say in that situation? i know its coming and i really dont even want to go near them because im dreading it lol..

thanks ladies.

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Asked by MomNbabyGirl009 at 5:13 PM on Feb. 10, 2009 in Relationships

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  • ignore them. totally ignore them.

    you and your SO need to tell them that this is your life and its going to be your baby. if you have to be induced then you have to. its none of their business.. AT ALL!

    dont you worry about them being so ignorant. youre going to have a baby so very soon! :-) Focus on the good things.

    i wish you good luck

    Answer by m.robertson811 at 5:20 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

  • Well, just so arguments can't be started and you not get upset, why don't you just ignore them. People can't argue with themselves, can they.why come down to their level, just smile and be nice and that way you can honestly say you were nice about it and won't get upset. This is your life with your SO, and you have to live it, just ignore them.Some people just like to start trouble no matter what(hint,hint) so don't let them bother you.
    PS.....getting aggravated while pregnant is against the law,jk☺

    Answer by Kat122 at 5:22 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

  • Don't sweat it. You are a grown woman and are not obligated to even invite them into your hospital room. Just tell them you're doing what's best for your baby - they had their chance years ago to do it their way.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:22 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

  • ignore them.. but if they start in on just turn around and say "who's baby is this?" and when they say "yours" then say "good now step off" and walk away :)

    Answer by ZaTa at 5:27 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

  • if they say something to you say to them "this is my child. your love for her/him is respected and welcomed but i will be making all the decisions in the care of this child which i created adn i will raise. if you don't like it, too damn bad. i don't really give a shit." that should shut them up. and as far as babies and advice go, this is the only unsolicited advice you should ever listen to, so listen up: Ignore all advice.
    good luck.

    Answer by princezzmommie at 5:35 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

  • Tell them you appreciate their advice but that medical science has come a long way since they had their kids, and you are going to trust your doctor and that you would appreciate it if they would drop it.

    Answer by feesharose at 5:37 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

  • Frankly, I think I would smile sweetly at them and say that you and your so decided a long time ago that when it comes to your reproductive lives and the parenting of your children, the only people you will discuss it with are the ones present for conception.

    Then refuse to discuss it. In fact, I don't think it's even their business that you're induced, if you don't choose to share it with them.

    All you have to do is say this is a personal issue, we've discussed it with each other and with our Dr, and we've researched the issue. We've made our decision, and it's a private one.

    Then, when the baby is born (or, if you want, when you're in labor), call and tell them. You don't have to say if you went into labor naturally or not.

    If they push the issue, then you can look shocked and say why are you so concerned with what goes on in my uterus??


    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 5:49 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

  • My situation is actually just the opposite of yours. I'm a firm believer in natural methods and my in-laws disagree. With the birth of my first son, my in-laws were upset with my husband and I because the doctor wanted to induce and we decided to wait it out. I'm pregnant with our second and have heard a lot from my in-laws about my choice for a homebirth.
    It's a very difficult situation because they think they know what's best and so do you, but ultimately, it's your child and you need to do what is best for your child. So they don't agree with the decision you made? They're not going to agree with a lot of things about your parenting style, and believe me, you're going to hear it!
    Honestly, once they see the baby, they may not even mention the induction because they'll just be hao

    Answer by MicahsMom612 at 7:09 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

  • sorry, they'll just be happy to see the baby.
    If they do mention the induction, just let them know the doctor thought this was best for you and your baby, and you and your husband agreed that it was the best route.
    They may or may not agree with your decision, but really, it's not a big deal.
    Be polite and if they are butting in too much, just kindly let them know that you're doing what's in the best interest of your child and though you respect their opinions, you don't agree in this instance.

    Answer by MicahsMom612 at 7:12 PM on Feb. 10, 2009

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