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Does abortion go against God's plan?

saw something related earlier this morning... thoughts?

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Asked by tnm786 at 7:14 AM on Nov. 12, 2012 in Religious Debate

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  • idk. i'm sure a lot does, as i believe his plan for us was to be all -good and non-negative eventful, happy lives. i do believe in choice, physically and spiritually, so for me to have a choice/free will to do things, and believing he gave me that, i can't say it would go against his plan, kwim? i do believe abortion is murder, and murder is sin in need of repentence..that said, i can repent of sin, and that is his plan.
    (i really shouldn'tanswer without caffeine.)

    Answer by dullscissors at 7:49 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • No,because He had already seen that the woman was going to do it
    It was part of the plan all along

    Answer by butterflyblue19 at 7:54 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • No. For a lot of reasons, no.

    Answer by FreeForAll at 8:13 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • I don't think it goes against His plans in the large scheme of things. I think that the problem with abortion is that we take it upon ourselves to decide that that particular person doesn't deserve a chance at life and at experiencing what that soul needs to achieve it's correction. I think it's egotistical to assume that "X" life seems unworthy because it won't be born under "ideal" circumstances- whatever our egos tell us is "ideal", BTW.
    Maybe "X" soul had to be born with Down's Syndrome, or be given for adoption, or deal with poverty, etc. It's the situation that soul needs to achieve correction and we take away that opportunity because of our own selfishness and limited understanding.
    It's not up to us to decide which life is worth living.


    Answer by momto2boys973 at 8:18 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • Well, it comes down to politics in this case. To me either all life is precious...or it's not

    Answer by adnilm at 8:35 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • It depends on how someone believes. Did their god intend for them to get gang raped and pregnant to where she doesn't even know who the father could be. Did their God plan for her father/brother/uncle/grandpa to assault her and get her pregnant even though she's only 11? I don't know if I would want to worship a god like that.

    It's a highly subjective issue. There is no real black and white when it comes to abortion.

    Answer by Izsarejman at 8:56 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • And God's plan isn't really. His hopes for us, who are born in his image are great. We are imbued with. And here it comes. Your favorite word. Free will. We may be presented with any number of choices, what we choose is either God's way or our way. As far as God's plan? Well his plan was for us to live in Paradise, we are the ones who screwed that up.
    Of course their is a black and white when it comes to abortion. Unfortunately, the political nature of our world has turned it into a gray or even blue or red issue

    Answer by adnilm at 9:21 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • I don't know what Gods plans are so I don't know. I don't judge women because I'm not in some else's shoes, but I do think all life is precious.

    Answer by RyansMom001 at 9:31 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • Well to answer the question one would have to assume "God" has a plan and that we know what that plan is. Since I don't know that "God" even has a plan, or if He does, what that plan is, I cannot make a statement as to whether or not abortion is a part of it.

    Answer by anime_mom619 at 10:06 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

  • I think it does.

    Answer by HHx5 at 10:10 AM on Nov. 12, 2012

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