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Medicaid and WIC judgments?

Most people when they hear that someone is living off of Medicaid and/or Foodstamps or WIC automatically assume that the person is lazy and doesn't want to work. So they're living off the Govt. That may be the case sometimes but not always.

Take my case for example, my hubby and I are only 18 and in NY state unable to get normal insurance until we turn 19. Also we're under the required income limit for Family Health Plus b/c only he works full time. I'm unable to work b/c I'm on bedrest for my baby. What I'm tired of is those looks when I tell someone I have Medicaid. Those "you lazy scum bag" looks. It really annoying that people are so judgemental.

I also plan on getting WIC for the baby and myself. Isn't that just as awful? Well, no. Of course not. You have a baby to think of. Well, my baby is alive now and by having Medicaid and WIC, I'm keeping it that way.

Anyone have thoughts?

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Asked by TotallyWarped at 8:48 AM on Feb. 11, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • I don't judge because things happen and people fall are hard times and it's there is help out for a temporary time. There are some people who do take advantage of the system but it will catch up to them.


    Answer by Christine0813 at 8:51 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • i applaud you for what you are doing for the baby. If using medicaid, wic and foodstamps is what you have to do to get by in this economy then that is what you have to do. I would love to apply for wic but my SO is very much against it. He doesn't believe that we TRULY need it. He would rather it be there for the people who need it.

    Answer by coala at 8:52 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • *people fall on hard times* Sorry for the typo.

    Answer by Christine0813 at 8:53 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • You are young. You have plenty of time to get yourself in a better situation... We're on it too. My Hubby works full time and goes to school full time. He is certainly not lazy! My two year old and I have medicaid... I can't work b/c of this pregnancy and taking care of my son. We will be going off medicaid after this baby comes. As for WIC, I plan on getting that to help with formula but when my Hubby is done with school, we will have enough money. So... it's just temporary and it seems that way for you too. I see no problem in that

    Answer by AshJoe05 at 9:04 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • Formula and Dr's appointments are expensive... if you can get help get help. I'd do it if I could. I don't know why people judge others on that. I had WIC for my son until they kicked us off for making too much money and the looks I got at the grocery store with those coupons were irritating. Like I had 10 kids at home just waiting for that formula LOL. Anyway, go and get the help. Don't worry about what people say.

    Answer by pinkbutterfly at 9:19 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • I feel that God's judgement is the only judgement that we should concern ourselves with. I would rather a person swallow her pride and apply for WIC than to allow her child to become malnourished or even starved. I would also prefer that one get insurance through the government than not take her child to the hospital for regular checkups b/c she cannot afford the bill. You are young and your situation will change so remember that it is not what you're called but what you answer to that matters and you are not scum.

    Answer by micrespo at 9:30 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • I'm 26 and my daughter and I have medicaid and WIC it helps us alot and I think people are happy for me that I am getting the help that I need rather than having to struggle with only my boyfriend working right now. I also live in NY state. Dont worry about how others may judge you because you know what is truly best for your family. Heck Im taking advantage of the medicaid while I have it and getting dental work done that should have been done years ago! Be proud that you're doing the best you can for you and your baby,I know I am!

    Answer by amberlysmomma at 9:30 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • I am a military wife (so my hubby is definitely not lazy) and live on base. Almost every mom I know in the neighborhood is on WIC. Most of them at stay at home moms because they can't afford childcare and the waitlists to get into the base daycare is over a year long. They are not lazy. None of them are on Medicaid, but that is only because we all get free healthcare through the military. Surely none of us could afford civilian insurance on the income our husbands make. I certainly understand that there are full-time hardworking people in this world that still don't make enough to provide everything a child needs considering the rising price of healthcare and food. Not everyone on assistance is lazy. It is an annoying misconception for sure. You do what you have to do to take care of that little one and don't let others make you feel bad about doing so.

    Answer by Danielle720 at 10:03 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • I don't judge people on WIC or Medicaid. We both have college degrees and have been on it before. Honestly, we pay taxes out the wazoo and if I qualify for something then I feel like it is just getting back some of what I have paid in. In fact, although dh and I have good health insurance for our family through is job we are seriously thinking about going the SCHIP route for our kids. At least then I will get something out of all the taxes I pay every year.

    Answer by ma2calebzoeyeli at 10:09 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

  • I was on medicaid at 19, only while I was pregnant though. I also was on WIC but got off of it because it really isn't that good. It didn't offer organic alternatives and I do not feel comfortable with the hormones and stuff in the milk and cheeses.

    I don't believe that the "majority" of people pass judgment. Yes, it happens. But I think the vast majority of people can be sympathetic. Defending yourself to those who do pass judgment doesn't do anything though, those who are really adamantly against these programs wont care if you lost a spouse and needed help.

    WIC wont keep your baby alive lol.. You will, that's what breasts are for.

    Answer by celticreverie at 10:10 AM on Feb. 11, 2009

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