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I know it would never happen but does it make sense? Min wage.

What if there was two different Minimum wages. One for over 18 and the other for under 18 while keeping ageism laws intact. Minimum wage was never meant to support a family yet many families are left struggling with 2 minimum wage jobs. SO why not make a min wage of 7.50 for under 18 and a slightly higher rate for those over 18?

I understand there would be MANY problems with in this idea and it would never fly but still... it is something I have been pondering.


Asked by Anonymous at 10:27 AM on Dec. 8, 2012 in Money & Work

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Answers (8)
  • i agree- you have teens that come and go and start off the same as you and then theres the adult who is more reliable and likely to stay and be a better worker ... age should matter and its pretty degrading to an adult to have a horseshit job and make so little ... even if its flipping burgers to stocking shelves because we rely on those people doing those jobs more then what people realize and life would be a mess if they didn't go to work and do those jobs-

    Answer by tonipaffel at 5:24 PM on Dec. 9, 2012

  • I guess then you would have to implement more restraints on the under 18 crowd, such as hours they can work, etc. It would just be better if companies used the "cost of living" system again... Back in 1989 or so, when I worked at the hospital, we were constantly getting cost of living increases and bonuses. That's the most money I have ever made.... that was 23 years ago and I made better money than today! Go figure.

    Answer by m-avi at 10:40 AM on Dec. 8, 2012

  • I'm glad it was never set that way. I was working full timer at 16 and it wouldnt be fair to those who are working their asses off raising money for college or family to be paid lower then those who are doing the exact same job.

    Answer by LostSoul88 at 10:41 AM on Dec. 8, 2012

  • Well min wage varies by state anyway. Under 16 wages are controlled by the hour restriction by wage. You cannot allow a child to work more than 4 hours a day not to exceed 20 hours per week

    Answer by booklover545 at 10:48 AM on Dec. 8, 2012

  • Yeah, thankful thats not the case. Id hate to get paid less and still work my butt off just because im younger.. many people under 18 have kids as well and need money to survive as well. plus paying for college..

    Answer by kp0469 at 11:20 AM on Dec. 8, 2012

  • In my state, there is what is called an opportunity wage. It's like 5.90 for those under 20 that are working for less than 90 days at an employer. 90 days is typically the probation period for a job and hopefully by then the employer knows if they want to keep you or not. I think it's a great idea. The typical high school student only works to pay for car and entertainment. They should make less and their employers shouldn't have to offer health insurance as they are likely covered under their parents'.

    Answer by tempsingl3mom at 11:52 AM on Dec. 8, 2012

  • Wouldn't be fair. How could you tell who was working for "entertainment" and who was working to support their family, either helping out or trying to raise their own kids? Why should someone be paid less for doing the same job and working just as hard as someone else just because they are younger?

    Answer by kmath at 1:37 PM on Dec. 8, 2012

  • I would just like to mention a phrase that has been popular in the recent past, that maybe we have forgotten: Same work, same pay.

    I believe all women should be able to relate. What this type of law would do is make those below the breakoff point, second class citizens, a people with less rights. Is that where we really want to go?

    Answer by Dardenella at 12:50 AM on Dec. 10, 2012