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Please don't donate to the salvation army this Christmas. Or any Christmas. Or any other day of the year.

A Salvation Army bell-ringer has been pulled from his post outside Victoria, B.C. after urging anyone who supports gay rights to hold on to their donations.
Area resident Andrea Le Good said she noticed the man standing with a kettle outside the Tillicum Centre mall on Saturday wearing a sign that read, “If you support gay rights: please do not donate.”
“I was stunned,” Le Good said. “I asked, ‘Does the Salvation Army know you’re wearing that?’ and he said yes, that he had received permission to do so this morning.”

An message urging supporters of gay rights not to donate is carried by a Salvation Army bell ringer outside the Tillicum Centre mall in Victoria. Dec. 15, 2012. (CTV)
Some have interpreted the sign as homophobic, while others suggest the man was protesting statements the Salvation Army has made in the past about homosexuality.
The charity’s website describes marriage as heterosexual by definition, and a previously published document called on homosexuals to “embrace celibacy as a way of life.”
The same document also stated that there is no scriptural support for the mistreatment of homosexuals, and that the Salvation Army does not consider the sexual orientation “blameworthy in itself or simply a matter of the will.”
The site currently states that the organization’s position on homosexuality is "under review."
Salvation Army spokeswoman Kyla Ferns told CTV News that her organization had no part in the sign, and pulled the volunteer away immediately after learning about it.
“We just want to let the public know that we don’t discriminate against any sect of the public, and we’re a little disappointed that one of our volunteers chose to protest this way,” Ferns said.
The Christian charity will be meeting with the young man, who appears to be in his 20s, this week to discuss whether he can continue volunteering.
The Salvation Army, which operates in 126 countries, is collecting donations at 40 kettles throughout the Greater Victoria area this holiday season, and is providing for 1,600 local families.
Ferns said she’s worried the volunteer’s actions will affect the number of donations they receive leading up to Christmas.
“We’re just trying to look after the needs of the community, with the support of the community, so everybody can have a merry Christmas through toys and nutritional food.”

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Asked by FreeForAll at 8:44 AM on Dec. 16, 2012 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (15)
  • I have known this all along, always pass them by and ignore them but just recently I came across one of the people who collects that was obviously gay and I confronted it with the or gs view and he told me it wasn't true, and that he was not gay radar never failed me and this guy was in big denial!!!!!!!!!!


    Answer by older at 8:49 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • I don't
    My local one will not help you out if you are not Christian,and i'm not cool with that

    Answer by butterflyblue19 at 8:56 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • Any group that feeds the hungry and provides basics to kids, without prejudice deserves my support. When I see an army of drag queens standing in front of a grocery stores across the country, soliciting donations for the poor, feel free to come back and whine.

    Answer by snookyfritz at 9:01 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Sad

    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 9:04 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • I don't donate to them - I have heard about them before...

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 9:10 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • I don't donate to them. Period. Nothing to do with this particular event, but I prefer my donations go to help everyone, not just specific needy people fitting a criteria.

    Answer by Ginger0104 at 9:19 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • Any group that feeds the hungry and provides basics to kids, without prejudice.... Without prejudice is the key phrase here. They do NOT do it without prejudice. My friend was denied basics for her child because she is atheist and /or because she's a lesbian. To display an obviously prejudice sign like that is just wrong. Isn't this the same organization that refused to accept a toy donation because it was a Harry Potter toy?

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 10:26 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • the ones in my area are great. ive worked for them, ive never seen them turn down a single person for any reason (other than not meeting the low income requirements). i worked at a SA children's program a few years ago and one of my co-workers was openly gay. he was treated like the rest of us.

    i dont put money in the pots tho...i just save any change i would have normally put in the pots & now i give it straight to the SA i used to work for, for work in their building. they mostly help out children in the community (its also a Boys & Girls Club) and i cant ignore the good work they do b/c other SA's are wack.

    Answer by okmanders at 11:14 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • The Salvation Army spokeswoman openly said they did not discriminate against anyone and they removed the guy with the sign. What's the big deal? My 2 and 4 yo always put whatever change I have with me in the pots. They love it and nothing said here will change my donation habits.

    Answer by missanc at 11:17 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

  • Idon't care who they help. If one child or older person is fed or receives needed items, that is one less in need for the moment and one person helped. I donate to a number of cause and as long as the money goes to people and on mostly to staff I am ok with it.

    Answer by Dardenella at 11:24 AM on Dec. 16, 2012

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