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Let's say you grounded your child because they acted horrible in public....(sorry, I'm rambling too)

You gave them several warnings and your child continued over and over to act horrible. You end up grounding them from playing with and having friends over.

Would you allow your child to go to her nephew's birthday party the very next day? Keep in mind, all of her friends will be there.

I may win the worst mother of the year award, but my daughter isn't going to the party. She isn't leaving this house or interacting with any playmates.

To define horrible: She was such a terror in HEB yesterday that a manager asked me to get into the express lane (with my cart full of items) because, " I can see you are having problems controlling your kid and we would appreciate it if you would go to lane 3 so that you can get out of the store faster".

She threw her jacket down, later on in the mall, refused to pick it up, and then proceeded to slide across the floor into a pregnant lady carrying a toddler.

Idk what the hell is wrong with my kid all of a sudden. She is a total damn nightmare in public, whines constantly and won't listen.

Anyways, sorry I'm rambling. Would you keep her home from the party? Am I seriously wrong in my thinking?

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Asked by texasgurl33 at 8:10 AM on Dec. 22, 2012 in General Parenting

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Answers (22)
  • yes,no party

    Answer by butterflyblue19 at 8:59 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • If you grounded her, regardless of what for, then you need to stick with it. That includes no party for her.

    Answer by kmath at 9:06 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • how old is she?
    I'm not sure I'd take away the party

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 9:10 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • Yep- she needs to know you mean business & that her behavior must improve, or else. Stick to your guns mama. You're not a bad mom for hanging in there with the tough parental decisions. Have you tried telling her that Santa is watching?! :p


    Answer by mrsmom110 at 9:11 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • She is 5....will be 6 in May.

    I tried everything. We have the Elf on the Shelf. That didn't phase her yesterday either. The two examples I gave are the worst, but not even close to all of the antics.

    Comment by texasgurl33 (original poster) at 9:19 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • Well, she's old enough to know better. So unless something major is going on (like if she's acting out b/c of S/O leaving), then I would stick to your guns. You'll be suffering too, since you can't get a break for an hour or so, by dropping her off at the party! lol :p If she's been acting this way since shortly after he left- then you may want to look into some counseling for her (maybe thru her school?)


    Answer by mrsmom110 at 9:30 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • Good for you.

     Are there other things going on? Is this a sudden change in her? I'd try to get to the bottom of it but either way she needs lots of love and consistent rules that aren't bent because of a birthday party. 


    Answer by RyansMom001 at 9:55 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • I say no party. She's old enough to know that she is expected to obey and be respectful. These were the two things that earned you a spanking in our house when our children were growing up. Can't put up with that nonsense!!

    Answer by NannyB. at 10:20 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • I don't blame you. As far as what's wrong, well I know you've had many issues with your SO lately. And, as much as we try to shield our children, they pick up on the negative energy. My oldest was a terror during my divorce & for the first 6 months we were on our own. She would be fine one minute & then just explode. She needs to feel like she's in a happy & safe environment.

    Answer by 3libras at 11:13 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

  • I agree with the others, no party. I mean, yeah, she is having a hard time right now with what is going on with you and your ex (estranged?) husband, but she still needs to learn there are better ways to let people know she is angry and hurting then by acting like a brat (sorry, what I call it). Stick to your guns. I was going to suggest no Christmas presents if she keeps it up, but that seems a bit harsh considering the circustances.

    Answer by spiritguide_23 at 11:16 AM on Dec. 22, 2012

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