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How cold is too cold for your kiddos to go outside?

It was 26 this morning and dd begged to go play outside. Her father thinks I am unreasonable and plenty of kids play outside even colder than this.....

What's the temp out that you let your kids go in the winter?

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Asked by texasgurl33 at 11:32 AM on Dec. 26, 2012 in General Parenting

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  • I'm going to have to side with your hubs on this one. We would go out no matter how cold it was when we were little. Just make sure to bundle up and come in to thaw out occasionally.

    Answer by ABeaverhausen at 11:33 AM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • It's never too cold, (Well maybe in the teens, it was 18 here and I wouldn't let him out then, but I would now at a whopping 21, LOL, but at least the sun is out) but they may spend more time getting their socks, shoes, jacket, hat, and gloves on than they actually stay outside. I just figure that snow doesn't come that often here in Texas and even if he plays for 3 minutes, he'll come in happily for 3 hours because it's SO cold. I let him to get it out of his system (he's 5) and he may ask another couple of times during the day. It's his Christmas break and being in the house 24/7 isn't that much fun. Maybe let them go out and then get them some hot cocoa when they come in. Let them have their joy. :)

    Answer by doodlebopfan at 11:39 AM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • As long as my son is bundled I let him stay as long as he can stand it which is not too long.

    Answer by virginiamama71 at 11:39 AM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • It's less to do with the temperature than the weather. I don't mind REALLY cold crisp weather but won't send them out in icy rain. I also won't send them out in cold. We get a north wind here that can have gusts up to 70 mph and beyond and that comes sweeping down over the snow covered Alps - won'yt send them out in that either because it chills you to the very bone and it's nearly impossible to warm up afterwards. Simply cold (and 36 if you're properly wrapped up isn't THAT cold) - no problem.

    Answer by winterglow at 11:41 AM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • With my 2 and 4 yo's we don't go out to play unless its above 40, unless it snows and then I take them out for 30 mins or so at a time. But I live in NC so there really aren't too many days we can't go out at least in the middle of the day. And for those days we have some great indoor playgrounds run by our parks and rec department.
    For my older kids, as long as they are comfortable i let them go, dressed appropriately of course.

    Answer by missanc at 11:45 AM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • That's not too cold. If it was my kids wouldn't get out most of the winter around here!! just bundle up and tell them to come in when their hands ot feet get cold. I spent most of my youth out playing in weather colder then that!!

    Answer by Crafty26 at 11:53 AM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • Around here wind chill is the more important number and as long as the wind chill is above 20 then they can go outside. The school says any day there is no precipitation and it is over 30 degrees they are going out for recess so send snow pants, hats, gloves and boots. Age also plays a factor as mine are 5.5 and 7.5 and I don't know that I would have let them out when they were say 3 or 4 in weather that cold.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:53 AM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • We live in FL, so my answer will be pretty different. I won't let mine go out if it's below about 45-50. Partly because that feels absolutely frigid to us, but also because being in FL, it's rare that it stays that cold all day, so I know that they can wait a few hours for it to warm up. For me, it's more about high winds or storms that I watch and keep them inside. We have a lot of trees on our property, pretty old, and when the winds are high (like today) the branches really start swaying, and I get really nervous about them being out there under them. And as far as storms...well, it's FL, lightning capitol of the world. I don't think I need to say much more than that. lol

    Answer by wendythewriter at 11:53 AM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • Mine play outside unless it's raining or super windy. Right now it looks almost like white-out conditions, so no. But once it's done snowing & the wind dies down a little, she'll be bundled up & out playing in it. As long as they're dressed for it (potty breaks before bundling! lol), they can go out for a while to burn off some energy :)


    Answer by mrsmom110 at 12:11 PM on Dec. 26, 2012

  • I think if you bundled her up enough she should be fine. It's that about that cold if not colder when it snows and it's perfectly fine for kids to play in snow!!

    Answer by maecntpntz219 at 12:36 PM on Dec. 26, 2012

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