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Newly Pregnant - when to buy what?

Being newly pregnant with my first baby, I'm so excited and can't wait for the next 9 months to come and go. I just feel like going out and buying a whole new maternity wardrobe, nursery items, baby clothes, etc. Obviously that wouldn't nearly be logical, but when *is* a good time to start buying things? (I'm sure I should wait with a lot of baby purchases till later, but how about belly bands, pregnancy journal, maybe a couple maternity shirts...) Any tips? :)

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Asked by Anonymous at 6:40 AM on Dec. 27, 2012 in Pregnancy

Answers (7)
  • With a first pregnancy you probably won't need any maternity clothes for several months. Maybe a couple pair of leggings to wear when your pants start getting tight in a few months. A pregnancy journal is reasonable and would be a good idea to start now. Most purchases I waited until around 6-7 months.

    Answer by missanc at 7:45 AM on Dec. 27, 2012

  • id say if your going to have baby showers id wait til after that to buy most things, but you could always buy a few cute outfits to make it feel real but i bet your will be surprised how many outfits you will get as gifts! -but if u dont think any of your family or friends is going to buy some of the big things you could always buy like your crib & maybe a changing table or glider chair if you wanted -but idk how far along you are or if you've told people yet but id hold off till people know before id start bringing home big things incase someone who visits (or a nosy neighbor) sees them & starts to spread your news before your ready! but you could always start painting or buy the paint! (if you dont know what ur having & plan to do the traditional boy or girl colors you might have to wait on this - we r doing grey or brown for our baby room, to keep it cozy, & adding lots of boy or girl colors in the decorations)

    Answer by futurebabykar at 9:09 AM on Dec. 27, 2012

  • I would wait until at least 12 weeks to buy anything. I never bought any maternity clothes except for a long black skirt for dressy occasions. I only gained 23 pounds each time. I never had any baby showers so I really bought everything myself. The first thing I bought as soon as I knew everything was OK with the baby was a crib bedding set that I loved. I planned the nursery first. Then little by little I bought clothes, blankets and other baby items.

    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 12:10 PM on Dec. 27, 2012

  • Seriously, check out the thrift stores. I bought mostly everything for myself, but I hardly bought anything new except a crib mattress and a Diaper Genie. Don't buy too many clothes because if you have a baby shower, you'll get flooded with cute outfits. You can get a ton of baby clothes and gear at thrift stores, since babies don't ever wear them out. Don't buy too many diapers till you find out if your baby is sensitive to a certain brand. A pregnancy journal sounds interesting; I never heard of that. Oh, and I didn't wear maternity clothes till I was seven or eight months along. Congratulations, how exciting for you!

    Answer by Ballad at 12:46 PM on Dec. 27, 2012

  • Buy clothes as you need them, but buy them big. You could get some stretchy maternity pants now, and a few tops too. That way you are ready. I wouldn't go crazy though. Wait until your shower to buy anything for the baby, unless you see something ultra cute that you just have to have!

    Answer by mompam at 1:50 PM on Dec. 27, 2012

  • Yeah just wait until u find out the sex of the baby, then u can start decorating and painting. I was so anxious to buy stuff all the time, lol, but waited. As for clothes for yourself u will know when its time for a wardrobe change. Congrats !!! =0)

    Answer by Star88 at 5:58 PM on Dec. 27, 2012

  • Honestly, I would buy a pack of newborn diapers and possibly a pack of premie diapers, just to be prepared. I know it sounds like I am trying to curse you or something, but you never know how small a baby will be. All three of mine started the first couple weeks in premie diapers.
    Also, you don't HAVE to have maternity clothes. If you want to go cheaper, you could just us some bigger mens shirts. I did, and they worked great. I hated maternity shirts because I was always getting a breeze on my belly. Mens shirts tend to be longer anyway. I would also hold off on clothes till the baby shower, since you will more then likely get lots there. A pregnancy journal would be nice and you could start looking for the PERFECT baby book. I know I had three or four, but there was one for each that I choose to use and just donated the rest to goodwill.

    Answer by spiritguide_23 at 2:38 AM on Dec. 28, 2012

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