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What were the signs that your child had ADHD?

What kinds of things did the specialists do when evaluating your child?

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:21 AM on Jan. 2, 2013 in General Parenting

Answers (4)
  • This is why we brought my son to the specialist - he would do impulsive, wrong things at school, like write on his desk and talk back to everyone. He never brought the right books home, ever. He never did homework. He was horrible in class. Always unprepared. Didn't take notes, anything. He acted out at home and in sports. Now on Vyvanse, he's better, but still has problems. The specialist just listened to us and asked a few questions. It was a long time ago, he was diagnosed in 2nd grade, so it's been 10 years. Good luck!

    Answer by mompam at 11:56 AM on Jan. 2, 2013

  • He couldn't sit still, wouldn't shut up. lol Seriously, he was always talking at school, doing things that were inappropriate (walking around the classroom when he should be sitting down to work, for example), never able to explain why he did something (always "I don't know. I just wanted to" kind of things). He couldn't focus on his schoolwork, never understood how to do the work or what he was supposed to do, could never find what he needed to complete tasks. Spoke without thinking, backtalking, really forgetful.

    The doctor asked me and my son a bunch of questions, had my son do a few different tasks, had me and the teacher fill out some forms about his behavior, had him do some more tasks. He also asked about my family and his father's family's mental health history.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 12:44 PM on Jan. 2, 2013

  • I've had 5 children; 3 from my first marriage, and 2 from my second. My 3 older children; all have A.D.H.D. and are Bi-polar. My youngest son, is Autistic and OCD. My youngest daughter has A.D.D. My mother was severely Bi-polar but was not diagnosed until she was 63 years old. My younger 3 sisters are also Bi-polar, and A.D.H.D. Some how it skipped me as I have never been diagnosed with anything, I just seem to attract Bi-polar people. Both of my husbands were also A.D.H.D. and my second husband was also Bi-polar. I do believe that it is inherited; so if it runs in one side and/or the other, chances are good that your children can also have it. Children are diagnosed with A.D.H.D. and A.D.D. but when they turn 18, it is really manic depression. One way to know if your child has A.D.H.D. is have them drink a cup of coffee. If it settles the child down, then they more than likely have A.D.H.D.

    Answer by Sierrarose99 at 4:30 PM on Jan. 2, 2013

  • With my son I always knew. Or at least suspected quite strongly. So it was a no brainer. We suspected but we knew for sure where there was a sporting event at age five and ALL the kids were attentive. Maybe slightly moving. But my son was the kid who rolled across the gym floor. Actually rolling like a bowling ball and knocking over adults. And his preschool teacher so exhausted from him saying he never stops talking, he can't sit in group for a second, he was loud, always touching that very moment I took out my cell and dialed his doctor. I had the initial assessment forms in my car already filled out since I am a therapist. We had his teacher fax the forms to his doctor directly. This year we are going to pay a private psychologist to formally diagnose.

    Answer by frogdawg at 9:22 PM on Jan. 2, 2013

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