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Do you ever blindly accuse people of things?

Have you ever ASSumed someone did something & just wildly accuse them of "said " deed, without knowing 100% that they were the guilty party?


Asked by funlovinlady at 11:42 AM on Jan. 4, 2013 in Relationships

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Answers (22)
  • Once. My ex-husband had cheated on me and had a serious porn addiction, and had promised he wouldn't look at porn anymore. He wasn't so good at keeping promises, though. I came home one day and found tons of porn on our computer, so I accused him of it. Turned out to be our 13 year old babysitter - who was no longer our babysitter after that shit. I did apologize to my ex, but he also knew that it was his own fault that I would blindly assume he did it, because he'd done it in the past.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 11:48 AM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • No, but it does amuse me how often you can ask a generic question and people will line up to volunteer to be "offended by the accusation".

    Answer by NotPanicking at 12:10 PM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • Only anonatwats but they don't matter as they are anonatwats.

    Answer by KristiS11384 at 11:44 AM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • If you are a parent of more than one child, you have been through this sort of arguement countless times. Did you SEE who did it? Did someone else SEE them do it? Then you do not KNOW do you?
    I handle this crap in my screen life the same way I do in my real life. I go on the evidence at hand.
    In the case of 2 children in a room alone. Both know who is guilty. If I can not ferret out the answer, I will punish both because one did it and one concealed it, which is just as bad.

    So now, what are you talking about?

    Answer by Dardenella at 12:25 PM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • If there is no proof I don't accuse.

    That's not to say I haven't been misled by circumstantial evidence and upon finding actual proof had to revise my original hunch. I have had the unfortunate task of reforming a known liar and assumptions based on past bad actions don't always pan out.

    So it's best to wait and see in most cases, the truth eventually gets revealed.

    Answer by tessiedawg at 1:27 PM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • LOL, No I have not. I like to gather evidence & then watch people squirm.
    Actually, I take that back. I accused my 3 yr old of hiding my keys once (which she's done before), when I just forgot where I put them.

    Answer by 3libras at 11:44 AM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • I have a pretty thick skin & have learned to think hard before I speak. So even if I think you're wrong enough to accuse you, I am 100% sure. I will not come out and accuse yet wait until I have a good opportunity to show you the error of your ways. Like after the same is done to the other person. I'll say "well isn't that ironic"? I prefer to teach the other person a lesson than to give the opportunity to deny without fault. I am not a defensive person at all.


    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 1:28 PM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • Sure have. Not my finest moment and I learned a valuable lesson that day have now really think before I speak now. I ruined a friendship that way. D:

    Answer by SleepingBeautee at 11:46 AM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • Sure. Hasn't everybody? I used to do that when I was younger and didn't make mistakes ;0)
    More times than. Not at this stage of my life I figure its me that misplaced something. Unless of course my makeup drawer has been messed with, then it's safe to guess that DD has been there. I usually look for proof before blaming though.

    Answer by QuinnMae at 12:23 PM on Jan. 4, 2013

  • Oh, wait. Are we talking about stuff on here? In that case, no. I usually have no idea what's going on and who is in on it or who it is about.

    Answer by QuinnMae at 12:25 PM on Jan. 4, 2013