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I'm having a little episode right now! LOL!

My boyfriend and I were talking today. I asked him what he liked most about his ex. (Big mistake lol) and he told me that she had a really , really nice body. Hips, flat stomach, bubble butt. I on the other hand, after I had my little boy, my body doesn't like anywhere the same. :/ when he told me this, I atutomatically felt insecure, and embarassed. I've looked up her fb, to see. And her face is pretty. Overall, I can see why he was with her. Nice body, and sweet girl! Good looking.
They say not to ask if you don't want to know the truth! Hate that I did. Now I feel uncomfortable. I feel as if, in his head he wishes my body was as perfect As hers. Or compare us in his head. I'm sure. And most of you are going to say he's with you not her, he's not with eat because she cheated. So it's not like he just wasn't attracted to her anymore! I'm acting real crazy right now , aren't I ladies? Lol
And I hate the saying, that he downgraded with me! Ugh.

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:14 PM on Feb. 13, 2013 in Relationships

Answers (21)
  • Well that's about the worst question you could have ever asked.

    AND he gave you the worst answer possible.


    Answer by staciandababy at 1:15 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • I've actually just googled. "My boyfriend ex is prettier than me". I feel a little better. Lmbo. I thought I was the only one.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 1:20 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • I wish I still had my attention whore macros

    Answer by FreeForAll at 1:21 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • why oh why do you torment yourself so! Lesson learned: never, EVER ask a boyfriend to give you a comparison or evaluation of his past girlfriends - ESPECIALLY the "tell me the best" type questions regarding another person.

    Sorry, but now you're going to have to find a way to move past that one.
    Oh and to top it off.... you torment yourself by finding her on fb??? oh dear me! You were really asking for it

    Answer by daylily888 at 1:21 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • neevr ask that question

    Answer by LostSoul88 at 1:28 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • well atleast you know you can trust him to be honest

    Answer by luvmygrandbaby at 1:30 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • Awww, huge blunder w/ that one hon!! I used to want to know everything, & the answers almost always made me feel horrible!! Now I pick & choose the questions that I know won't leave me feeling like crap, & leave the rest to the mysterious unknown... lol... Feel for you, but I hope you learned a valuable lesson w/ this one. Why make yourself miserable, it's soooo not worth it!!

    Answer by HappyEndings at 1:44 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • As long as he loves my body, and thinks I'm beautiful too. That's all that matters , right? Haha.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 1:52 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • Right!! lol.

    Answer by HappyEndings at 1:59 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

  • Physical beauty is not the be all/end all of a relationship. I would like to think that I'm not a hag, but the only girlfriend my DH had before me was a KNOCKOUT. Tall, stick thin, beautiful skin and hair...but she wasn't very bright, and she was very clingy. We were very young when we got together, but even so, it never would have worked out between them no matter how beautiful she was because they were too different.

    Don't ask those questions, and he is a moron for answering it honestly LOL. Move past it. If the "best" thing about her that he could come up with was something superficial, I will warn you that it can only mean one of two things...either (positively) her body was all that she had going for her, or (negatively) a body is all that he is interested in.

    Answer by Mom-2-3-Girlz at 2:22 PM on Feb. 13, 2013

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