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How do you adjust a cat easily to a new cat coming in the house other than keeping them separate at first

My boyfriends cat Valkyrie is used to being the only cat, ever since she was a kitten. Val is about 5 now. A few months ago our friend moved in with us and brought her kitten with her who followed Val around everywhere. Val started wanting to be left alone, started hissing at ppl, and stopped playing with us. After our friend moved out Val went back to her normal sweet happy self. Now his sister wants to put one of her cats up for adoption and I absolutely adore this cat so I want to take her. This cat, Lucky, has live with multiple cats her whole life and is very independent. I thing Val's biggest problem with our friends kitten was that the kitten never left her alone. Do you think she would do better with the cat I want to bring in. Both Val and lucky are spayed females. What can be done to keep Val happy adjusting to lucky coming in

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:58 AM on Feb. 14, 2013 in Pets

Answers (13)
  • Keep them separate. I don't want to give bad advice. I would heavily research it with the expectation that the cat will be posses for a while. Took my cats months to become bffs

    Answer by staciandababy at 2:01 AM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • Could you bring a few things in with the scent of the new cat on them at first? Maybe leave the things around the house so the cat you have now will get accustomed to them. It's worth a try. But you may have to keep the cats separate for a little while so they can get used to each other, and you have to go into it knowing it might not work out. The cats may become best buds, or they just may not. Make sure there are places they can go to get away from each other, and feed them separately at first.

    Answer by Ballad at 2:47 AM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • Staci said, it will take awhile, but here is an article that may help you....

    BTW..congrats on the new kitty!!


    Answer by Michigan-Mom74 at 2:49 AM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • Keep the new cat in a separate room at first and let them sniff and paw at each other under the door out for 1 week. Then, let the cats see each other around feeding time, then more and more after that to ease them into it. Eventually they just do get along. There's no real trick to it. I have lots of cats and some of the younger ones don't get along with the older ones but they don't fight or anything. They live together fine and just stay out of each other's way. Some of them have love-hate relationships, it's kind of funny. Getting some kind of cat tree is always good since cats like to perch up high. Some cat treats and cat nip also help them relax. Get another litter box so that they feel like they have their own space and no territory wars. The younger ones calm down after a few months. Being quiet while petting them often helps them to trust their surroundings. They hate noise.

    Answer by hellokittykat at 3:09 AM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • I don't know about cats. But I never separated new dog. My belief is, they will never get use to each other that way.

    Answer by louise2 at 5:27 AM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • You know, people always say to keep them separate and it seems like good advice...I even give that advice to people. But, in all honesty, I never have. New kitty additions have always just gotten thrown into the mix right off the bat and no a problem...and that includes the 7 indoor cats we had at one time.

    Actually, that's not true...we had a problem the end of last year...we brought in an adult female from outside and another adult female started urinated on the carpet. Unsure why's not like she has never been introduced to new cats before without problems...guess there was just something about this one cat.

    Answer by AllAboutKeeley at 6:40 AM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • I had a friend who had a cat, and when she went on trips she would leave her cat with me..I had a cat who was super friendly and very personable...but when her cat first came to the house for the first 2 days they would hiss at each other..then all of a sudden they would start to get along and just be in their own corners and then my friend would come back and all was well.
    But truly those first 2 days, I thought I was going to throw both cats out! You just have to give them time to adjust to each's just territory

    Answer by madmueller at 12:24 PM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • Pretty much - then let them battle it out after that ~

    Answer by tasches at 8:20 PM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • I've always heard to let keep them separated using a baby gate and let them get used to each other that way.

    Answer by alf2651 at 8:24 PM on Feb. 14, 2013

  • Baths! Cats are very sensitive to smells and right now the cats smell different and they don't like it. Bathe each cat so they smell the same.

    Answer by Kitkat61277 at 11:33 AM on Feb. 22, 2013

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