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Does anyone else think this is really... adult content

fucking stupid?

i went to a case management meeting last month for my divorce case. it required driving 25 miles, paying for parking, inconveniencing my dad to watch the kids AND pick up my oldest from school, just for a brief 10 minute conversation with the judge to "catch her up to speed". like anything has changed with our case! we don't fucking agree, can we just settle this shit already? so then she asked me if i plan to get a lawyer for trial, i said i don't know. so she rescheduled ANOTHER case mngmt. conference for today. i still dont have a lawyer. i cant afford one. so i have to drive all the way the hell over there to tell her im not getting a lawyer for trial? how fucking stupid. hasnt anyone ever heard of a god damn phone?

*sorry... pissed off.


Asked by tnm786 at 10:16 AM on Feb. 28, 2013 in Relationships

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Answers (16)
  • Have you thought about going the mediation route? It's usually a full day (which isn't "free" by any means but, is cheaper than an attorney) & the entire focus of it is a compromise. Whatever the mediator writes out the judge will accept.

    Answer by 3libras at 10:19 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • Have you told the judge that you can not afford a lawyer>
    It way be that his lawyer is making some tricky but legal moves and the judge is trying to give you a heads up the only way she legally can.

    I do not know and I am really sorry you are being put through all of this.

    Answer by Dardenella at 10:25 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • After my divorce, child support and custody I now have very little faith in the justice system. They are so backwards in the way they do things. My ex never showed up to any of the mediation meetings - nothing happened. I had found sitters, driven 1/2 hour, paid for parking, he didn't show and it was no big deal.

    Answer by missanc at 10:19 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • My divorce was finalized before custody and division of property. My attorney filed an extra motion to do that though, not sure what it was called.

    Answer by missanc at 10:21 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • I agree... it is stupid. I am going through something similar with my ex as well. We have another hearing to see who is going to take over the insurance for my son when it clearly states that he is supposed to. But somehow he lost his job so guess who gets to take it? I have my son 100% of the time and now he isn't even paying child support and doesn't want to pay for insurance either. I am so fed up with his lack of responsibility it's not even funny. I am just ready to get this crap done and over with so we can go on with our lives. I wish he would just move away and be gone forever!!

    The judicial system is so messed up. I called to see if I could get it rescheduled because I had my surgery and they basically won't work with me. They wanted me to send a letter to them and to him requesting an extension. The court might agree, but I know he won't... SMH!!

    Answer by goofygalno1 at 10:21 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • Hugs mama! I hope this is settle quick.

    Answer by LostSoul88 at 10:25 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • ((((HUGS))))) Hope you get what you want today!!

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 10:30 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • has court brought up possible guardian ad lietum for your child/children?
    the gal has a HUGE impact on what judge will rule, always has best interest of the kids
    and if there are clear issues, and you are sure that gal will see the situation as you do...then this is a much less expensive way to get your point across in court

    my lawyer is 250 an hour
    the g.a.l. is about half that= and the ex has to pay for half
    so doing the math about 1/4 of what hiring a lawyer will cost
    and judge listen to the g.a.l. A LOT!

    i have been going through court about custody for 2 years and almost 6 months

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:04 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • and if you ask if a g.a.l. can be appointed for your child.children- it shows you have the best interest of your children at heart, plus you have nothing to hide

    i THINK you can ask for one, and do not think court would deny this request

    mediation was a total joke- and had to go twice, that was 100 dollars an hour for each of us, and were there 5 hours over two time- waste of time and money

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:08 AM on Feb. 28, 2013

  • *furthermore id like to add.

    WHY cant the divorce be finalized BEFORE custody battles? can't that shit be done and over with and then we go and fight eachother in court? I AM SO OVER BEING MARRIED! this shit has been dragged out for almost a year.

    Comment by tnm786 (original poster) at 10:17 AM on Feb. 28, 2013