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My four year old son wont sleep

I have had my son on a bedtime routine for over a year he gets a bath then movie i read him a book then its bettime at 7:30. he generally dosnt fall asleep till between ten and midnight then he is up by 5:30 in the morning and he wont nap. when its bedtime i get all kinds of excuses why he dosnt want to go to bed , he want to play, or he wants another drink , or another hug and kiss. etc. when he doesnt get his way he get his way he starts screaming until he wakes his sister up. i have taken to his peditrican many times and she tells me to let him scream it out and has suggested putting him on melitonin wich i have not done because of bad affects i have heard on it. this has been going on for over a year .

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Asked by crystal881269 at 12:06 PM on Mar. 27, 2013 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • Does he HAVE to be up that early or is that just when he wakes up naturally? If he gets up on his own at that time, try pushing making bed time later. 7:30 seems a bit early for a 4 year old that doesn't have to get up early.

    Answer by maecntpntz219 at 12:12 PM on Mar. 27, 2013

  • he wakes up that early naturaly, I used to have his bedtime between 8:30 and 9 but he would stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning. i tried that for acouple of months.

    Comment by crystal881269 (original poster) at 12:31 PM on Mar. 27, 2013

  • The more active the child is during the day, the more tired they will be at night usually. Can you do more activities like let him run around for a few hours outside or go to a park with a jungle gym set? Maybe 7:30 is too early to go to bed. It's also lighter longer. Is he enrolled in Preschool yet? Preschool will tire him out. I would not give Melatonin at all. I think you just have to be firm & keep putting him back in bed. Maybe offer him a reward if he is a big boy & stays in bed. Maybe his bedtime routine is too long. Either read a book or a movie & not both. How about a snack before bed? My kids eat a banana and/or Cheerios before bed. My Son's bedtime is 8:30. We turn out the lights, he gets a snack, watches one of his shows quietly, brushes his teeth then to bed. He bathes when he comes home from school. He's 6. But that's always been our routine.


    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 12:31 PM on Mar. 27, 2013

  • Wear him out. If he won't take a nap anyway, then take him on a hike, bike ride (if he has a hot wheel or scooter he can ride) mountain climbing (if you are close to the mountains or hills) something to wear him down. I have 3 boys and 2 girls, 3 of them are A.D.H.D. with Bi-polar disorder (very hyper) youngest son is Autistic. I went through the sleepless times to, and totally get where you are coming from. There bed times were 8:00/8:30, we went to the park and I let them play and run for about an hour and a half to two hours. We'd play basketball, tag, etc... high energy games. By the time we got home, they were ready to settle down and would nod off on their own between 8 - 8:30. Have you had your son tested for A.D.H.D? One way to tell (from my own experience) is to give him a cup of coffee. Coffee has the opposite affect on A.D.H.D. kids and calms them down. A health food store also has natural things for A.D.H.D. kids.

    Answer by Sierrarose99 at 12:32 PM on Mar. 27, 2013

  • I talked to his pediatrician about A.D.H.D, sh e told me that he shows significant signs of it but he is too young to diagnose. my family loves the outdoors we are outside everyday. saturday i took him to the dungeness spit which is a 10 mile trek he walked the whole 10 miles without a problem and when we got back home he was still full of energy. i generally take him on an outing like this every week. but i can never seem to wear him.

    Comment by crystal881269 (original poster) at 12:47 PM on Mar. 27, 2013

  • It sounds to me like he may be overtired, which makes it harder for them to calm themselves down and allow their bodies to sleep. My oldest has autism, we did melatonin with him for a few weeks when he was 3-4 to regulate his sleep patterns. I also have used it for 2-3 weeks at a time. Melatonin is a natural product and is not intended for long term use. When used for a few weeks at time just to regulate sleep times it is safe.
    Otherwise, can you teach him relaxation techniques, maybe some kids yoga. Give him a glass of warm milk and a 1/2 peanut butter sandwich about 30-45 mins before bed.

    Answer by missanc at 1:41 PM on Mar. 27, 2013

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