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I need a new job.. (vent)

This week i only got 25 hours. I didnt complain or anything. Im a single mom with 3 kids. so making 7.25 an hour and paying all my bills is very hard. Well today the gm put up the new schedule, im only on there for 20 hours.. I get paid ever 2 weeks. thats only 45 hours for 2 weeks. I know i cant live on that. idk what to do. i have applied to so many jobs. i feel like im stuck. i dont understand why i only have 20 hours. I know i can work so much better then half the people there. i can run the front alone, i can run the back on my own. im faster then a lot on making the food. it just pisses me off. Im the only one there that doesnt live with someone else, and the only one that has kids to worry about.
the only time i request off is when i have to do something. i never lay out unless its a last min thing like when my gma got rushed to the hospital. Other people ask of to party or stupid ass reasons. it honestly makes me not want to go back. i feel like all i do there is worth nothing!

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:57 PM on Apr. 8, 2013 in Money & Work

Answers (8)
  • That totally stinks. Maybe you should ask why you have so few hours. Is there a possibility that the management is unaware of how much you want the work?

    Answer by tessiedawg at 9:02 PM on Apr. 8, 2013

  • i have told her i need to work. i explained i support all 3 of my kids w/o help. i have worked 9-10 hour days there before. she use to give me 35 hours. i know we hired more people but 20 hours isnt fair. Also when i do ask off its way in advance. And hell she dont even give me the days i request off, off.. she tells me I need to find someone to switch with or someone to work my shift. which i dont understand either. if i asked off a month from when i want off why do i need to find someone.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 9:05 PM on Apr. 8, 2013

  • Keep on applying for better jobs, and get education or training if you can. Food services sucks; I've heard more people than I can count complaining the same thing--lack of hours, unfair treatment of people, it's nothing personal to you.

    Answer by Ballad at 10:34 PM on Apr. 8, 2013

  • Take $100 and invest in yourself. There are TONS of direct sales opportunities out there that would be perfect for someone as driven as you!

    Answer by PartyGalAnne at 10:49 PM on Apr. 8, 2013

  • You might be able to babysit full time and make more money as a nanny. Some families even give free rent if you live with them in like their basement apartment (some are nice). I know someone that works for a rich family and she doesn't have to pay any rent and she gets paid on top of that. McDonald's even pays better I think.

    On another note, why have 3 kids if you can't support them? Doesn't the father pay child support?

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:43 AM on Apr. 9, 2013

  • bitch dont ask me why have 3 kids if i cant support them. 1st off your dont know a damn thing except what you just read. I DO SUPPORT MY KIDS. I PAY ALL M Y DAMN BILLS ON WHAT I MAKE. i do w/o before my kids would. your so stupid for even saying wtf you just said. I put their sorry as dad up for child support, we go may to court. he is thousands of dollars behind. isnt anything new about a dead beat not paying. not like you know i had a job paying over 11 an hour. but i had a premature baby and i needed some income so i had no choice but to go work where im at. did you know that? of course you didnt. shut up and get the hell of my question!

    And goes to show how much you know. mcdonalds doesnt pay more then that bc thats where the hell i work. you really need to get a life.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 8:07 AM on Apr. 9, 2013

  • Take a chill pill anon. You have to admit that with the little bit of information you gave out that it was a reasonable question anon asked. You know as well as anyone that there are lots of women who pop out babies just to get a free ride. You may not be one of them but they are there just the same. I wish you luck with getting the deadbeat dad to anti up. These are his children as well as yours and he should be helping.

    I'd suggest the same as many of the others. Try to get an education on line to help better yourself. You'll even find some company's that are willing to help out once you get started and get an apprentice job.

    There is also nothing wrong with taking PA to help you out as long as you work hard to try and get off it. That is what it was designed for in the first place.

    If you notice I also don't hide behind anon. If you want to bash me feel free and I hope it makes you feel better.

    Answer by baconbits at 2:27 PM on Apr. 10, 2013

  • Business is business and McDonald's is in to make a profit, thus mainly part-time employees.

    You've got to keep on keeping on - applying for other work, perhaps a second part-time job. I feel for you, my DD works at McD's too but luckily does not have children to support.

    Answer by tasches at 3:56 PM on Apr. 11, 2013

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