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If a student wants his/her parent called, is the school obligated to make that call?

Let's say a student is upset and crying, (student was bullied, yelled at by a teacher, failed an exam, or had an anxiety attack during a presentation, etc) and asks for a parent to be called, does the school have to place that call? Or is it up to the teacher, principal, front office to make that decision? What are the students rights in this situation, and does ANYONE have the authority to prevent an upset child from contacting his/her mother/father?

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:14 AM on Apr. 14, 2013 in

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  • in my district's middle & high school's students are allowed to go to the front office and use the "student phone" during any free time (lunch, passing time) or with a teacher's pass. so they'd have to ask their teacher about it, and the teacher would have to be a pretty big jerk to not let an obviously upset student go call their parents. the school doesn't have to call parents tho, its up to the student. usually, if a student is hurt or sick the nurse will call parents for the student.

    i dont know the official "rights" of a student tho.

    Answer by okmanders at 11:21 AM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • If all those things happened, that resulted in an anxiety attack than yes the parents should be notified.
    If its all different situations, the school should contact the parent about the anxiety attack but the student should tell the parent about the other things that happened, than its up to the parents to go to the school to work out the issues.

    Answer by virginiamama71 at 11:22 AM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • As a parent, if my child were in school and wanted/needed to call me, and was prevented by school staff, I would be seriously pissed off. It's not the school's decision to determine whether or not my child's reason for calling me is "good enough." I think if a student wants to call their parent, they should be allowed to call their parent. I could understand making them wait a few minutes if it would be disruptive or there's some valid reason that the call can't be made this instant, but I don't feel a teacher or any other school staff should be deciding that the child doesn't need to talk to their parent.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 11:22 AM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • No one has authority to block the child from contacting the parents and the call must be placed. If this happened, to the superintendent's office with you. Up the chain of command.

    Answer by gdiamante at 11:38 AM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • I think the only time a parent should be called is when the child soiled themselves(peed or pooped in their pant) or they are physically hurt. An anxiety attack is not a physically hurt thing.  Now after the child went to the nurse and would not calm down within, maybe 15 min to half hour. The parent should be called.    JMO


    Answer by louise2 at 11:42 AM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • This is in regards to your question yesterday. But what you are failing to tell everyone is that the Childs real class Teacher did not do the yelling nor was the childs main Teacher notified about the child being upset & you took matters into your own hands and didn't alert the main Teacher about an issue. Maybe you should add that into your question today since obviously you are feeling like you did the wrong thing to ask a question in a way this makes what you did right. Still wrong!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:02 PM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • @ louise2: I had a friend in high school that had a panic attack one day in school. The office refused to call her mom, even though she was hyperventilating and was pale. They let me sit with her in the office for about 5 minutes then chased me off. She wound up sitting there, in the office, in the view of EVERYONE, for over an hour, still hyperventilating, before the office gave in and called her mom.

    If MY kid wants/needs to call me, for whatever reason, they should be allowed to do so.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 12:12 PM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • Legally obligated, I don't know. Ethically obligated, I should think so. If my child wants me contacted and the school refuses to do it for any reason at all, I'll be raising some hell, believe me. But I'm glad you asked the question because when my daughter goes to kindergarten at her new school in the fall, I'll be checking what the official policy is before anything comes up. I've added it to the list of questions I intend to ask.

    Answer by Ballad at 12:24 PM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • here's the reason why i offered you so much support yesterday.
    my 11 yo DD is a bit of an easy target in regards to bullies. her dad is not as supportive nor is he an angry bear momma.
    they live in another city and the school knows our situation.
    one day she had had enough and asked to call me

    they said no. for her to suck it up and she could not call MOM.

    i was down at that school the next morning to let them know (with Dad in tow) that if my kid wanted to call me she was never to be told no.

    the principal apologized profusely, to me, her and her dad! if she was running to the phone every 5 minutes -hyperbole, it might have been different. but she wasn't so it wasn't

    Answer by feralxat at 1:13 PM on Apr. 14, 2013

  • I know in my sons school and in my nephews school if the student wants the parent called they will call them. Especially in that situation. Or the child can go up to the front office and ask to call the parent themselves. I've gotten a call from my kindergartner bc he missed me during the day.

    Answer by Jayde2bys at 5:17 PM on Apr. 14, 2013

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