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I know some moms out there think their child can do no wrong...a little bit of a rant...

But 2 days ago according to this mom, he son "bought" this car. The guy didn't have a job, and he didn't win any lottery. Today, the cops attempted to stop this car because it was reported stolen, and the driver did not stop and there was a short chase and the thief crashed the car. Then he got out and started shooting at police, so of course, the cops return fire killing him. Our local news had a reporter and was interviewing people, one of which was the suspect's mom. She was screaming and crying and carrying on saying  her son was a good boy, he wasn't robber, he wasn't a killer. The police shot him cause he was just another black man. 3 weeks ago, this same guy robbed a store and beat up a clerk, who was in the hospital for 3 days.  He was arrested, then was out on bond. She was interviewed then also saying he was framed by the police because he was black. The whole incident was caught on tape.  

I know nobody deserves to die, especially if its a child dying before their parents. Its unnatural, and I am sincerely sorry for the woman's loss. But personally I am tried of some parents refusing to believe thier child is a innocent and productive member of society. Well these "good boys" are wearing black hoodies, car jacking folks , robbing subway restaurants, family dollars, dollar generals, autozone, breaking into our homes, raping elderly women, beating elderly men, robbing women in parking lots all these good boys are product of parents just like her.  

Ok, sorry for the rant, but I am sick of the violence here. Especailly sick of the black on black violence that is getting innocent people killed because they were in the wrong place, wrong time. And the disturbing of all its the little kids that are getting caught in the cross fire. 

I for one am glad the new gun control laws were shot down. At least someone in congress had common sense. All these bad guys have guns cause they steal them, or buying them off the street from gun runners. Law abiding citizens can't defend our lives and loved ones and our homes with a fucking butter knife. Or a saying I like "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"

Guns are a fact of life get used to it, because it will never change.



PS...sorry I didn't mean to get into the gun debate, the story wasn't about that.  

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Asked by Michigan-Mom74 at 7:14 PM on Apr. 17, 2013 in Politics & Current Events

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  • I get your point, I agree with most of your rant, and I totally don't get what kind of offense "wearing a black hoodie" is against others. Probably 15% of the moms picking up kids from my daughter's elementary school are wearing black hoodies on any given day when the weather is appropriate for wearing sweats. Are they doing something wrong?

    Answer by SWasson at 7:18 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • i get what you are saying and there is no "but".
    how can anyone believe and unemployed (etc.) person has the money for a vehicle

    Answer by feralxat at 7:19 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • I am sorry you feel this way...and for the most part you are right but when 90% of our citizens want gun control, the control should have passed and it eventually will, because all those elected officials will not be re-elected if that 90% of citizens have anything to say!!!

    Answer by older at 7:23 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • I agree with a lot of what you have to say, and I wish that controlling violence in our society were as easy as just controlling guns!! I think people are deluding themselves if they think passing some type of gun control law will have any effect on the violence in our society. I just don't see it. The violence in Boston didn't include guns... violence frequently doesn't. And if a person is determined to shoot a gun, they will find one regardless of any gun control law. I don't personally own any guns, but I know maybe 10 households were they have several legally owned guns, and I could so very easily just walk in and get it if I wanted it. Besides no gun control law will ever get a handle on the millions of guns out there. How do you count and register something that is: here illegally, easily hidden and stolen, and impossible to monitor? Think about all your friends and family.

    Answer by Nimue930 at 7:56 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • " I totally don't get what kind of offense "wearing a black hoodie" ..." SWasson
    Sorry, should have clarified that. These last few months there has been a huge upswing of violent crimes happening, and the people who are doing have been wearing black hoodies. The hoodies are bigger than what the person needs. The hoodies are making it extremely hard to tell how big the person is, any defining facial features, or their age. The police know they are black because the victims do see their hands and parts of the face but not enough to make a positive ID. The guy that was shot and killed today had a black hoodie on when he robbed the store, but he made the mistake of leaving fingerprints on the glass when he was leaving the store. He allegedly got away with $1500.

    Comment by Michigan-Mom74 (original poster) at 7:59 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • Do you honestly know how many guns they own? For real? No. You don't. You don't know what they have in the top of the closet, locked in a drawer, stored in a safe deposit box. Add to that all the guns from criminals, gun runners, gangs, etc How can anyone or any agency ever track that???? As a nation, we cannot accurately count our living, breathing, walking around citizens who have ID cards, go to work and school where they are accounted for through records such a transcripts and payroll, and we STILL can't count them. I worked for the 2010 census and it was a total joke. How can we possibly count, and track, the guns???????

    Answer by Nimue930 at 7:59 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • SWasson....Are you insinuating the relation to the Trayvon Martin shooting in FL. with him wearing the black hoodie? I am not sure if the people who are using these hoodies are committing violent crimes aware of that correlation or not.

    Comment by Michigan-Mom74 (original poster) at 8:04 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • Nimue930...No..its impossible to do so. And then you have to figure in long guns. Many states do not require registering a long gun. And here in MI, it is not required. And lots of folks here LOVE to hunt!

    Comment by Michigan-Mom74 (original poster) at 8:10 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • ".and for the most part you are right but when 90% of our citizens want gun control, "Older
    I am for reasonable gun control, but its in the form of enforcing the ones that ALREADY EXIST!! And BTW, the federal govt has no right in telling other states how to enforce their laws. It should be up to the individual states to do that. And I do not think the gun control law that Obama wants will ever be approved for the fact that is "infringing on our right to bear arms". Its one of the reasons why we had the Revolutionary War. We have a right to protect ourselves from our govt and other threats as well.

    Comment by Michigan-Mom74 (original poster) at 8:18 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

  • Well I agree with you. I get tired of the race card constantly being pulled when someone gets caught doing the wrong thing.

    Answer by Dardenella at 10:28 PM on Apr. 17, 2013

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