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Temper tantrums at five years old?

My five-year-old has started with these foot-stomping, screeching tantrums lately, which I don't understand because she never really went through that as a toddler. She never gets what she's asking for if she throws a fit, and till oday, I've been okay at stopping her, getting her to calm down, and having a reasonable conversation. Still, I'd noticed the fits were getting more frequent.

Then she and Dad went to the store, and she wanted to buy colored bubbles. I hate them because they make a mess of clothes, hands, the sidewalk, and everything else. Dad said no and asked her to put the bubbles back; she refused and went into a full tantrum, screaming, stomping, throwing herself on the floor. He picked her up, put her in the cart, returned the bubbles to the self, and finished shopping.

I'm not really asking what to do, because I know--just don't give in. But where's all this coming from? Why now, at five years old, when she can talk and think, and life's been pretty normal lately with no big stressors or changes?


Asked by Ballad at 7:49 PM on Apr. 28, 2013 in General Parenting

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Answers (11)
  • My 6 yr old DD has worse tantrums than my 3 yr old does. My 3 yr old has more of them but, my 6 yr old's last a lot longer & are more intense. Given the other responses, I guess it's par for the course. I've noticed that my 6 yr old's usually occur when she tired, worn-out or somehow over-whelmed.

    Answer by 3libras at 8:25 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • It is pretty typical. Kids go through weird spells.

    Hell, I even throw temper tantrums at 40 something every now and then! LOL!

    Answer by m-avi at 8:40 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • Maybe she's seeing the behavior at school and seeing if it will work at home?

    Answer by missanc at 7:55 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • typical for 5-7 year olds... they are coming into a time when they want more control over their world but aren't emotionally ready to know how to get it!!

    Answer by Crafty26 at 7:59 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • mine both threw fits at that age- especially the daughter.
    I babysat a 5 yr old who threw more fits than a 3 yr old. Seriously.

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 8:08 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • Back when us mom spanked our kids. We did not have these problems. Fits and power struggles


    Answer by louise2 at 8:32 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • Pretty normal. I work with 2-5 year olds and the 4-5 year olds are throwing some good tantrums. We IGNORE the tantrums and the child still doesn't get what they want after the tantrum. Usually, after a tantrum or two or no results, the kids stop.

    And, I don't think spanking is necessary for a tantrum either. I don't think spanking is every necessary.

    Answer by tyfry7496 at 10:16 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • My son has fits every once in a while he is 5. Just because they can talk doesn't mean they can express themselves or that they don't get frustrated

    Answer by tntmom1027 at 8:13 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • Oh it's a five year old thing. They say terrible 2's....then you really get hit with the ferocious 5's. :0) I am right there with ya.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 8:19 PM on Apr. 28, 2013

  • Just keep ignoring them and doing what yr doing and not giving in and she will eventually learn that that is not the way to do things. Now having said that if she continues for a long period of time doing this and they keep escalating...then you may have to do some kind of punishment if not spanking then taking away a fav toy or no cartoon time and then we she doesnt reward her for it.

    Answer by Fairymom32 at 1:19 AM on Apr. 29, 2013