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Is it normal for my almost 3 year old to only pee 3 times a day?

She is not potty trained. Even though she is Extremely verbal-talks like she is 3-4 she refuses to go potty. She ask to sit on the potty but she has never gone. Recently she has started holding it as long as possible- still not peeing on the potty. She will wet her diaper through about 3 times a day. I have read the books, watched the videos and even done the rewards charts and bribes. NOTHING. She will not pee on the potty. It doesn't seem to be a control thing because she ask to try all the time...

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Asked by Anonymous at 6:49 PM on May. 5, 2013 in General Parenting

Answers (5)
  • She may just not be ready to connect the full feeling in her bladder with the fact that she has to go. Mine was that way till three and a half, and then it just clicked.

    Answer by Ballad at 6:55 PM on May. 5, 2013

  • Have you tried taking her to the bathroom with you to show her how you pee? My daughter wanted to go potty everytime mommy did and she would ask to use the big girl potty she hated her little potty. If she is holding it that can be a health hazard. It seems to me it may be to she is sensing yr frustration.

    Answer by Fairymom32 at 6:55 PM on May. 5, 2013

  • What does she do with no diaper? I would just tell her no more diapers. Clear your schedule and just let her run around in a dress or long tshirt. Take her to the potty every 30 mins, make her sit there for 3 mins. Eventually you will catch her going. Make a HUGE deal out of it. Dance, cheer, jump up and down, etc. my kids always loved to see me acting silly! (I also used m&ms but you said that hasn't worked)

    Answer by missanc at 7:03 PM on May. 5, 2013

  • This is just my advice, I have two children that are completely medically bowel and bladder incontinent (we cath every 3 hours) and one that is fine and aptly potty trained. We've been through a lot...

    If you want to start to eliminate the fear of a health problem I would advise making sure that she is intaking enough fluids. probably a MINIMUM of 40 oz of clear liquids daily, and then have her try to use the toilet every three hours (just put her on the toilet when she wakes up and then again every three hours until she goes to bed). If she's not emptying on command at all by the end of the first week then you may want to ask her pediatrician what she thinks and if a uro consult is in your future. There is a condition called neurogenic bladder where the bladder "thinks" that it is bigger than it is so it fills until it cannot possibly hold anymore and then empties in large flushes a few times a day. What you are seeing ...

    Answer by ashleyaction at 10:19 AM on May. 6, 2013

  • ... now could be totally normal, so don't be too alarmed. HOWEVER, I would watch it and consult a doctor if you are concerned because if there is a urine retention issue it can put excess pressure on the kidneys and that can be very dangerous. I would keep trying to potty train with the full understanding that everything that is happening could simply be a natural phase of her development. I would keep an eye out if you are worried though, it never hurts to watch and ask the doctors questions. :-) Good luck momma!!!

    Answer by ashleyaction at 10:21 AM on May. 6, 2013

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